We love getting PAWSitive Endings stories and this one is exceptionally good. Cooper sounds like the easiest dog ever and we are thrilled to have played a part in your finding your BFF.

If you have a story we’d love to share it with our rescue and adoption community!

“We adopted Cooper, (his new name) Saturday, 5-25-2019.

Just after the handler had brought him into the meeting room, he hopped up on the bench, looked at me, and leaned in to snuggle. That was it, at that moment we became Best Friends Forever and I brought him home with me…so easy!

He’s Pembroke Welsh Corgi & Beagle mix and is the quietest, most gentle dog that I’ve ever seen! He spent his 1st night with us; slept in his own bed, stayed in it, and made not a peep…he has transitioned so easily into our home and is simply a JOY to have in our lives…thank you NEWPAWSabilities!”

Cooper Update:

“Hello, I’m Cooper’s “Dad” and he has been with us for almost two weeks now and what a sweetie he is! He’s the BEST dog that I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. He walks, loose-leashed, by my side, he doesn’t jump up on people, he doesn’t bark, doesn’t lick your face, although I, personally, wouldn’t mind if he licked mine! He LOVES to play with children and plays so gently with them. He’s not had an accident in the house, rides great in my vehicle, doesn’t approach his dinner bowl until I tell him it’s ok, and the groomer at PetSmart said that he did great on his first visit

He is what every dog owner would want in a dog, and I taught him none of it; it really makes me wonder why he ended up in a Shelter, who wouldn’t want a dog like Cooper?