Another fun DNA test and this one with some matches to other dogs and that’s one of the coolest parts of DNA testing I’ve seen. Thank you, Lindsey, for sharing these results and pictures and we love your PAWSitive Ending story. We look forward to more results and pictures. Let us know about the health part of the tests when you do it.
“Hello! I just thought I’d share because I think this is the coolest thing. I DNA tested the first dog I got from you. Her name was Melody, now Ducky. You had her as a boxer mix. I adopted her in October 2015. She had puppies (not sure if they were in your care). But you were right about her being a boxer mix. I thought for sure she had Pit in her but it turns out she doesn’t. The mixture is very interesting 😂.
Yea, we love her so much! We did it to hopefully understand her quirks more. Shes a sniffer and a digger, she loves snow and is very head shy. She’s the calmest of all 3 and prefers to lay in a bed and chew on bones all day so it makes more sense now! Anyways, I thought I would share because I’m so obsessed with how cool the results were! I’ll be doing one on Hazel (Flower -March 2017(?) adoption) soon! And hopefully getting the health portion of the test done on Ducky in January.” — Lindsey Behnke