Today is our day! National Dog Day!
I was thinking about what to write today and I just wasn’t in the mood. I feel like I’ve said everything there is to say about dogs in the last three years. I know I haven’t, but today felt like I had and what could I possibly say that would make smile, or cry, or want to rush out and get a dog?
Yesterday I learned that my nephew has Covid. He lives in another state and I can’t go see him. Many of you have been in this position. He lived with me when his step-father kicked him out of the house at the age of seventeen. He lived with me again while going to college a few years later. This nephew is more like my son than my nephew and it pains me to know he is ill and I can’t be there.
Then I learned that my brother’s daughter-in-law and their eight kids are dealing with the loss of her father. He was riding his electric car and a bus hit him and he died instantly. Sixty and dead leaving a hole that will never be filled for these lovely people.
Taking Coconut for a walk today I chatted with a new neighborhood friend who adopted her dog from us a few months ago. Her father died of cancer yesterday. That means that in well under twenty-four-hours I learned of three are gravely ill or dead people and it’s not even 8:00 in the morning.
When I walk Coconut he likes to meet other dogs and people and show off how cute he is but then he wants to go, go, go. Mommy wasn’t going, going, going which is usually the signal for him to pull on the leash or bark. Instead, both dogs stood patiently as Leann talked about the pros and cons of trying to get there for the funeral. We talked about grief and anger and people being less kind than ever before. I spoke the words I needed to hear when my dad died twenty years ago and I was not there to say goodbye.
And these dogs. It’s as if they knew that this was not the time to go, go, go. This was the time to draw closer to their people, the ones who thought they were rescuing a dog when in reality those dogs were rescuing us. Addie and Coconut both got as close as they could to each of their people. Coconut settled in on the sidewalk as if he knew that talking to someone who has lost a dad takes a while and he would be there as long as needed.
We parted ways, each with our dogs who know when we are struggling. Dogs are incredibly intuitive and they will do whatever they can to make you feel better when life takes a downward turn.
So today we celebrate our dogs. We love them when they are playful and fun, but we really love them when they know we hurt and they won’t leave our side. They are the best form of healing because they don’t blather on and try and fix things. They just are.
I love this meme. We all think we were lucky enough to get the best dog. And you know what? We’re all right. We got the best dog that we needed because that dog was rescued especially for us.