“Chico, renamed, Bubba is ready for the game!! He’s adjusting to his new home very well and already has his fur-parents wrapped around his paws!! Thank you again!! It was a long day. Adoption, shopping, grooming, and loved on… of course treats, lots of treats lol… ❤❤❤❤ ” – Stephanie Rackus

P.S. The Packers lost so Bubba is great to have on those losing days. 






“My mom was volunteering with me at a transport a little over a year ago when Doug the Pug came up from Kentucky. We were working with the puppies but when my mom saw Doug she knew immediately he was for her! She and my dad drove to the shelter to get him and have been spoiling him ever since.” – Kerry Hanrahan


“The beagle, now Henry, has been with us since March. I’ve lived with dogs, and he is one of the very best. Such a good boy.” – John Price