Dogs know. Somehow, they know. Now, I’ve never had a cat or been around cats so I don’t know if cats know. But I can tell you that dogs know.
What do they know? They know when you’re just being lazy and don’t want to take them out even after they’ve done their potty dance. Well, at least mine dances. They know when you say no to people-food but they also know you are easy to persuade. Or at least they think they know. They know that sitting in your seat is the best seat in the house because it smells just like you. They know the way home, the rattle of the package of snacks, and they know how to love.
But the best thing about dogs is that they know our emotions maybe before we know them ourselves. They sense when something isn’t quite right and they will do any and everything they can possibly do to make it right. Mostly they will just sit next to you or snuggle on the bed against you at night when you have told them to stay at the foot of the bed. They stay at the foot except when they know.
Last night Coconut knew. Actually, he’s known all week despite my husband never talking about his feelings. But after the news yesterday morning it was like Coconut was on extreme alert to do what dogs do best.
Gary’s son contracted COVID-19 in a nursing home and is in an ICU in New Hamshire. Losing a child is something no one should ever have to experience but losing a son to COVID-19 and not being able to say goodbye, to hug him, to tell him you love him is indescribable.
Yesterday the doctor explained in great detail to Gary’s daughter that things had reached that hopeless stage. But they did the impossible and allowed her to drive there today and suit up in protective gear and go into Matt’s room. She played the music he loved, she held his hand, she called Gary and we got to tell Matt that we love him. This brave thirty-three-year-old sister did what I can not imagine ever having to do.
Jennifer had to take a shower to make sure she’s okay to go home to her kids. I know her heart is broken. Do you know who else knows? Her dog. Noah is there and he will do all the things he needs to do because he knows.
Yesterday and today Coconut did what he needed to do to comfort Gary because he knew.
We who have dogs who know are truly blessed. Thank you for letting me share this little slice of my life. Writing is how I process and if anything from my personal life helps even one person it’s worth sharing.
We are all tired of whatever your state is calling this lockdown. There’s an eeriness that makes us all sad and nervous. I don’t know when this will end or when we feel less sick to our stomachs when we watch the news or see people walking around wearing masks. I don’t know when the economy will rebound or when we will start to lose our pandemic pounds. Yes, we have gained collective tons of pandemic pounds while being at home. But I do know that dogs know.
Our dogs will know when it’s time to go on a longer than average walk and when they can be joyful with the wind blowing in their face as you drive just a little over the speed limit just because you can. Dogs will know when you are happy and they will be happy too.
Aren’t we just the luckiest people in the world because we have dogs in our lives who know?
Matt drew his last breath at 2:48 pm EST. And Coconut will know exactly how to comfort us. Because he knows.