2020. The year that keeps on giving. And it’s the year that makes you really glad you have a job.

My poor husband. January there was skin cancer removal. It was a HUGE area but his six-month check-up shows he’s all good.

March there was this little thing called prostate cancer and the subsequent removal. That wasn’t exciting enough so we discovered it was 80% cancerous and to make it even more memorable he was one of the patients not asked to reschedule doing the pandemic since it all happened at once.

April. Gary’s son fought and lost the COVID-19 battle after ten days. He as forty-four in New Hampshire. No one should have to say goodbye to a son but never actually get to hug and hold them or be with the rest of their family.

May. His daughter’s intestine got perforated and she was in the hospital for nearly a month, and almost died. Again, not easy when you can’t travel to see her.

Monday Gary finally had a full hip replacement. The doctor said he should have had it years ago and doesn’t understand how he stood the pain for all the years he suffered.

There were lots of other disasters this year, the collapsed porch, the roof issues, and so much more. I get tired recounting and I really get depressed tallying up the money spent.

But it’s only money and through it all, we’ve had Coconut.

The thing about dogs is that they know. They are truly incredible about knowing who needs them and for how long.

There’s no doubt that Coconut is my dog and has been from the beginning. He likes Gary. He loves me. He knows Gary lets him on the bed and I don’t. So he likes Gary for that. I walk him, feed him, walk him some more, play with him, let him sleep on my feet when I’m reading even though he’s for all of that hot fur and he’s dead weight.

This year Coconut has been a wonderful support through all of Gary’s trials and tribulations. He makes good choices between me, but only after eating and walking, and goes to Gary and is just there. His very presence is comforting and healing.

First night home from the hospital and Gary settled into bed trying to figure out how to sleep without jostling himself and setting off the pain. Sensing Gary needed him, look who snuggled in just so to help him?

Aren’t dogs something?