This is Emmie (plus the family), adopted summer 2016, and the toughest things about Christmas for her is making sure snuggles are distributed evenly. — Kathryn Vanevenhoven



Jack, adopted in June. He was on the lookout this morning – just in case Santa decided to come early. I will post a picture of him and his older brother (another rescued Setter – from OAHS)in their Christmas bow ties. — Anne SanFelippo Hatton



Bella was adopted in November of 2016 and has since been a huge blessing to our family. My family before adopting her never really favored dogs but once Bella stepped her first paw in our house the family has changed their opinions. She is by far the most spoiled dog I’ve ever met and we’re so thankful we chose New Pawsibilites to help us find a wonderful addition to our family ❤️💚 — Brittany Garza


He was Rex when we adopted him, his name is now Huntley. 10 months old. Black Lab trapped in a Beagle body with a beagle bark!!! This little guy changed my life & I am so grateful to you all for helping make it possible to adopt him! — Jennifer Manders



Merry Christmas from Addae Copper Zoomie (used to be Duke)! This is my sister Runa – she’s 13.5 years old and keeps me in line. But sometimes I steal her toys when she walks away. — Cris Parr
Merry Christmas from Jody Mattila