A tired dog is a good dog, right? We’ve all heard it before and while that might be true it often seems that the Energizer Bunny ain’t got nothing on some dogs.
So while you might know how important it is to give your dog the care and attention he or she needs, it’s also critical for you to go to work, enjoy your hobbies, and it’s just as important to allow your dog to be a dog without you.
As we transition back to whatever this new normal will look like, for most people that will likely mean working outside of the home for eight to ten hours depending upon your commute time. However, if your dog spends a lot of time alone during the day while you are at work, especially after having you with them virtually twenty-four-seven for almost three months, then that could lead to unwanted problems. You will likely feel like your dog is not getting the attention he needs, which may lead to feelings of guilt for you as well as some not-so-nice behaviors in your dog. Friends and neighbors coming over to play with your dog or even hiring dog walkers can help, but the majority of hours will still have your dog either sitting in a kennel or roaming freely in the house and that sometimes results in behavior that’s not good for your dog or your home.
Yesterday Coconut went to daycare for the first time in forever and it was a great day. We only started accepting dogs on Monday so it was a very small crew but that did not stop Coconut from playing hard and coming home exhausted and happy. Daycare is an affordable way to make sure your dog is someplace where they will have a blast, are being taken care of, and, as an added benefit, it helps to support our mission of rescuing and rehoming dogs.
Relieves Boredom/ Separation Anxiety
One of the primary reasons that dogs can develop destructive behaviors is boredom or separation anxiety. If a dog is left by himself for several hours a day during the workweek, he may become exceedingly bored or overly anxious, either way, this can manifest into a wide variety of destructive behaviors such as chewing, excessive barking or howling, and even accidents. A great daycare situation will offer healthy stimulation preventing these behaviors.
Provides Routine
Before our world turned upside down Coconut went to daycare two or three times a day. All I had to say was, “Doggies, doggies, doggies?” and he’d be at the back door sitting in wait for his leash. Before we saw the back seat he’d be dancing around because he knew what to expect. Dogs are creatures of habit and very much like routine. Sending your dog to daycare will help maintain a daily routine of walks and playtime.
One of the major benefits of sending your dog to daycare is that they will get exercise daily which is so important for your dog’s overall health.
Owner Peace of Mind
I work from home so in theory, keeping my dog at home with me all the time should not be a problem. But I felt guilty when he wanted to go for long walks to play in the yard with me and I had deadlines. Like any other owner, I felt guilty. So now I can schedule our daycare days when my schedule is busy with dog bios or grants or something else that is deadline-intensive. Knowing that my best friend is well-cared for while I’m working goes a long way to eliminating the guilt you used to feel when I ignored him or my work.
Dogs are usually very social animals. They weren’t made to be the only canine in the pack and as much as they love you it’s great having your dog around other dogs as well as other humans is a great means of providing socialization for him. This can be a great tool in training a dog to remain calm in a variety of situations.
I have a Houdini dog. The idea of letting him bask in the sun and laze around while I work made perfect sense in the nicer weather. We had a fence, he was short and small, what kind of trouble could he get into? So then we learned he’s an escape artist and while he’s improved, or I’ve gotten better and securing any breaches, it’s still safer for him to be at daycare with eyes and cameras on him. It’s a much safer option for many dogs than a dog who tries and succeeds in escaping from his yard or crate.
Affordable and Flexible
Daycare doesn’t have to be a daily event for your dog to enjoy it. Some clients do use our service for one or more of their dogs and at rates starting at $15.00 for a full day or $7.50 for half it is significantly less expensive than a dog-walker plus there are all the other benefits.
A dog who has been active and well-cared for throughout the day will naturally get tired. When a dog is tired, he tends to be more content which in turn, makes you happy as well.
All dogs in daycare must be up to date on all vaccinations, spayed or neutered over the age of six months, and have a collar and leash. You are welcome to bring food for your dog in a sealed non-breakable container, labeled with the dog’s name, the owner’s last name, amount to feed, and a variety of food. We do not offer house food, as we feel your dog’s system does best on what they are used to eating.
We are back to being open for daycare and boarding seven days a week and appointments can be made by calling 920-385-0809.