These are my beautiful porch plants. They are Coleus and I have managed to keep them alive which is a pretty big deal for me. I love them so much I decided to try and keep them alive in the house where plants come to die. Not kidding.

The temperatures are dropping so soon I will move the plants inside. See this bench? I bought it for the sole purpose of holding the buckets of plants. I had to rearrange two rooms to make it happen.

I have a dog. He’s a short dog, but he can reach the bench. My dog has never nibbled at anything except grass from time to time. Guess what I learned yesterday? Coleus is highly toxic to dogs and cats. Google it.

I am so bummed! I love my dog, I want my plants to live so they can be happy on my porch next year. What to do, what to d?. If it was any other year besides 2020 Coconut would likely not touch a leaf of this pretty plant. But all bets are off for 2020.

Plan B. The plants will now live on the dining room table. When guests come, highly unlikely in 2020, we’ll move the dog to the crate and the plants to the bench. Hopefully, the plants will live. The dog is more important than plants.

The sheer volume of beautiful yet highly dog and cat toxic plants is kind of mind-boggling. The ASPCA has an outstanding reference list of plants to be careful of when it comes to our pets. What I like about this site is that there are scientific and common names and pictures. It is in no way 100% of all the plants that could present a problem. But you can always Google plants if you have one you are thinking of bringing inside or even planting in your yard. It could save you thousands in vet bills.

Wish me luck as I try and keep these beauties alive.