Good morning and are you ready for a special PAWSitive Ending? We know we sure after all the stress of the last few months. Go get a tissue for the years. We’ll wait for you. People ask why we do what we do. There’s no money it for sure. It’s hard work, there are lots of struggles, people can be unreasonable, regulations are insane, and none of will ever get all the dog hair off our clothing. But this is why we do what we do and will continue doing it as long as we can.
Tiffany Ebel sent in an update about their Boxer/Mix, Parker. When they got Parker two years ago their now three-and-a-half-year-old Livie was particular about dogs. Livie is Autistic and doesn’t want to pet and touch animals. They have another dog, Molly, but she would at least put her feet on Molly and chew her tail.
But somehow, when Parker arrived, Livie made a connection with him. She still did not touch him, but she would go up to him and look or sit near him. After about six months she started a game with him if he had a toy she would take it from his mouth run to the other side of the house, he would follow, she’d drop the toy. He’d get it, run back to the couch, and she’d chase him laughing the whole time.
They would do this till Parker was exhausted. They still play the same game now. She started petting him with my help back in the summer and now, just recently, she will pet him once in a while by herself or she will grab my hand to pet him together when he lays by her.
Parker watches over Livie.  So on the day Tiffany sent in this story she shared something very special.
“So this morning Livie was crying when she saw the bus for school. I opened the gate and Parker ran out. He didn’t run away, he ran on the bus and sat at the top of the steps and waited for Livie. She was still crying but when I said, “Livie, look, Parker is on the bus,” she laughed with tears and climbed up touched his head, and went to her seat
Now I had tears. Parker came off the bus and stood at the gate until the bus was gone. It was amazing.
I know this is kind of long but a cute read. I wanted to share this with you… we love or dogs and our so thankful you brought them into our lives.”– Tiffany Ebel