Last winter Coconut started trying to get into the trash and eat food scraps. When I took him on walks his attention was more on sniffing out bread pieces and chicken bones than the smile joy of walking. He seemed to be reverting back to the behavior we had worked so hard to break when we adopted him a couple of years earlier.
I found myself losing my temper, having to put the trash up high or take it out to the bin every night, and if I left anything on the counter he was once again prone to jumping up and grabbing whatever it was that I had left out.
One day I was hugging him and realized I could feel ribs where before I had not. He was ten pounds underweight when we adopted him and I started thinking that maybe he was sick. We weighed him and he was five pounds less than when we had taken him to the vet two months earlier. I did some research and learned that some dogs need to eat more food in the winter. I called my vet and had a quick discussion and came up with a plan to add more good calories to his diet for winter and then taper off as the warmer weather started.
With all that’s been happening during this weird year, I totally forgot about the winter wait thing until the trash/bread/counter surfing began. Here’s a good article about dogs and winter. There’s so much we need to learn about keeping our dogs happy and healthy during all of the seasons.