In the do as I say not as I do category….

The last two weeks Coconut has been ravenous. Or at least he acted like he was. He reverted back to going after the garbage can and following me in the kitchen in the hope I would drop some delicious morsel. His bone chewing escalated and he was just being, well, naughty.

Coconut turned two in September and so I started doing research about the terrible twos. That did not yield any reason for his new behavior so I moved onto other areas. Maybe he was having a growth spurt? The vet said that he should be the same weight he was when he came a few months before his birthday so we’ve been watching it and it’s rarely more than two pounds over or under his thirty-pound weight goal. I should be so lucky!

In a stunning moment of knowing how little I actually know about dogs, I think I figured it out. We switched food to Taste of the Wild sold by NEW PAWSibilities. Guess what I learned today? Not every food has the same Kcal per cup! Yep, I have been starving my poor little boy. I noticed the very beginnings of protruding ribs so I can’t even take total credit for figuring it out on my own.

This is quite distressful considering he came to us about ten pounds underweight and afraid to leave a drop of food uneaten just in case he had to go and scrounge like when he was a stray. Now I really feel like a jerk dog mom.

The cool thing about dogs is that they love you no matter what. There is nothing you can do, even nearly starving the little guy, that will make him stop loving you and wanting to be wherever you are because you are his everything.

The moral of the story is to always read the back of the bag, talk to your vet, do research online, do whatever it takes to make sure your dog is eating the correct amount for his age and size.

We’re having a large party tonight with lots of great smelling (and hopefully tasting) food. Let’s hope that feeding my little pooch the correct amount will make him not so food focused.

By the way, we are LOVING Taste of the Wild. No, I never actually tasted it, but the proof is in the poop. So glad NEW PAWSibilities carries it because not only is it great for Coconut but it’s another way to support this amazing rescue.