The battle has reached a new level. Did you know that dogs are smart? And conniving and that they don’t forget anything? Not the neighbor who puts out bread for the birds, not the chicken bone he saw a week ago and insists is still there and just for him, and not the one time you took pity on his poor self and let him come on the bed.
There are two camps of dog owners. My husband is president of the first camp, the group who think dogs belong on the bed with or without their person. The other camp thinks beds are for humans. Guess where I stand on this issue?
After Coconut’s near-death experience last week I was feeling scared and wanted to comfort him as he shook from all that had happened so I brought him up to the bed. That lasted a few minutes until my foot touched him and off he went to his bed.
The next night he took my moment of weakness as an open invitation and in the middle of the night, he cuddled at the foot of the bed for a few hours.
Last night as I was brushing my teeth Gary called out to let me know Coconut was on the bed. Did he shoo him off? Nope. But he did inform me that as soon as he heard my step in the hallway Coconut tensed and looked up waiting for me to appear. Talk about defiance! We had a staredown but I won. This time.
I know, I know. He loves me and wants to be where I am no matter where. As flattering as this is I am in the same room. Isn’t that enough?
I’m thinking his end goal is to do this. And so it continues.