As you know, PAWSitive Endings make everything we do worth it. It’s hard work running a rescue shelter. You are always wondering if you’ll make payroll or be able to keep the lights on. It’s so much more involved than I ever thought.

But then we get stories like this one from Angie Kurth and it helps us to keep doing what we do.

“We just wanted to say a big thank you for allowing us to adopt Daisy! She has filled our hearts and is a great addition to our family and her big brother and she are getting along so well! Her favorite thing to do is being outside or watching out the front window!

Now that I have finally announced my pregnancy with my family I will share with you our story of how we found out we were pregnant.
We put down our ten-year-old dog early in June and we were completely heartbroken. A couple of weeks later we decided to look for another addition to our family. We came to look at one dog and didn’t think he was the best fit but I decided to just ask to see Daisy. As soon as Daisy came into the room she was attached to us coming up and playing. We fell in love with her. We adopted her right away.

When we brought her home and she would constantly come up and sniff my stomach area and jump back and look at me. I joked with my husband saying you know dogs are always the first to know when someone is pregnant. After six-and-a-half years of trying for another child, we laughed it off. We have one child that is almost eight.

After having Daisy for one week I decided to just take a test. The test came back positive! We were ecstatic but completely shocked that the brand-new puppy that we had only had for one week was able to sense one of the greatest miracles before any of us could even think it was going to happen. We are completely happy and grateful that Daisy chose us to be her family. I can’t wait to watch baby and puppy grow up together.” – Angie Kurth

Who’s crying now? Come on, confess? What a beautiful puppy and a miraculous story. We can’t wait for more stories and pictures of both kids with Daisy in the future.

Congratulations to the Kurth family and, good job detective Daisy!