Was anyone else as depressed as I was about the extended mask mandate? Not surprised, just so over 2020. And the leaves are turning, days are getting longer, and winter is coming.
For some of you, that means ice skating and fishing and cross country skiing and whatever else people in Wisconsin do for five months while the rest of us read books while curled up with our dogs.
This pall of gloom over our communities and the lack of socializing, being a teacher when you didn’t buy into it, financial issues because of being laid off or business being slow can all lead to depression.
Depression can be clinical but it can also be situational and right many of us are experiencing the latter.
This is why I first got my dog from NEW PAWSibilities and why I am thrilled to have him now in 2020. Dogs help fight depression in so many ways. I think there’s a lot of us who would not be handling 2020 with as much grace if we did not have our furry companions.
Here are just ten ways that dogs help with depression. I bet there are even more.
If you are still looking for a dog or you want to add another one to your family we have good news. We have dogs arriving tomorrow! We’ll begin posting around 7:00 and you can come and meet dogs at 11:00. Cross your fingers and feel free to forward all of our posts to those who might be looking.