This is a wonderful story filled with so much happiness and joy.

“Hi, there! I wanted to share our PAWSitive Ending story with you!

We adopted Jack (formerly Duke) this July, and he has been exactly what I never knew our family was missing.

My husband was the one who wanted a dog, I was absolutely against it (at first ), so we compromised and got a dog.

When we brought Jack home he was very timid and basically my shadow. As a mother whose boys are too cool to cuddle, I bonded with him instantly as Jack has always been the biggest cuddle bug. Days later, he got more accustomed to our family, and he started to latch onto my husband as well as our two young boys. He treats our kiddos like one of his pack and has a playful side with them that nobody else gets to see. When our one year old wakes up for the day, Jack is the first one scratching at his door, tail wagging, ready to play.

We live in a condo and all of our neighbors have grown really attached to Jack too. We joke he’s the mascot, and he spreads a lot of love and joy outside. They’ve seen him transform from a timid, scrawny rescue to a healthy, loved member of our family.

Our family is forever grateful for the staff at NEW Pawsibilities, Jim especially, for all of their help in the early days and for bringing Jack into our lives. They turned me into a dog person, and my heart has never been more full.” — Bobbi Cummings