Today is a day I can wrap my arms around because today is National Cuddling Day. Cuddling has some incredible health benefits.
1. Cuddling helps you sleep because of the oxytocin released while cuddling. How cool is that? Will it work with a dog? I don’t have any studies to show it will, but I cuddle with my dog every night, no he is still not allowed on the bed, and he is sleeping just fine. Of course, he’s a dog. He does that.
2. Physical touch is known to curb cravings and, less food, less weight gain. We usually crave the unhealthy food so this is another good thing about cuddling. By the way, it’s that oxytocin that helps reduce the desire to pleasure eat. Except in my dog. I cuddle him and hug him and he still says he needs a snack.
3. No surprise what helps to ease chronic pain. Yep. Oxytocin
4. Want to ward off colds and the flu? Cuddling! It boosts immunity. Cuddling also releases the “happy hormone” serotonin. Studies show that people who cuddle more were less likely to get sick. Okay, it might be my husband, too, but this is my second winter in Wisconsin, and my second winter with a dog who I cuddle and hug a lot each day, and I have never had the flu or cold or anything. And I dress appallingly for winter as does my dog because he will not wear a coat. The coat did make excellent packing material for the laptop we sent our daughter.
5. I’ll admit it. I’m no “spring chicken” anymore. Good news! Cuddling lowers inflammation which is what makes arthritis and other joint issues so painful.
Here are a few other things that oxytocin helps and of course cuddling releases this incredible hormone. Cuddling helps reduce anxiety, lowers heart disease risk, and strengthens relationships.
I guess the moral of the story is that if you want to be happy, healthy, sleep well, reduce cravings, and live a long life you need a dog. Seriously, that’s what I’m reading.
The best news is that we have all sorts of cuddling and hugging dogs. Puppies and seniors and lots in between. Small, medium, and large, and even some extra-large dogs are all at NEW PAWSibilities. We’re open seven days a week and our adoption counselors are ready to match you up with the perfectly cuddly dog.