The first night we had Coconut I had never heard of crate training. I came home to over $2,500 worth of damage and the next day we added $500.00 to our credit card because of an emergency vet trip which turned out to be a sprained hip.

I am now a huge fan of crate training. Amy Siracusa of Balanced K9 Training here in Oshkosh has been working with some of our adopters and will soon be offering obedience classes at NEW PAWSibilities. Stay tuned for announcements. In the meantime, here are a few tips from Amy!

Crates: The When, Why, and How

A lot of people tend to think that putting their dog in a crate is a bad thing, that they are locking their dog in a cage, when in fact you can turn the crate into a safe sanctuary for the dog. Turning the crate into your dog’s bedroom gives them a safe, portable spot that you can take with you while traveling or for your furry companion to hang out in at home of he wants a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

When would I use the crate?

Using crates is a great management tool when you are away for the day, running errands, traveling, or trying to give your sweet little puppy a break. It’s also a good idea to crate train your pets for car rides, or even just in case of a natural disaster as most shelters would prefer for pets to be comfortable and quiet in a crate.

Should I only crate my dog when I am leaving? 

 No, if your dog develops an association with you leaving and being in the crate, the dog is more likely to start whining each time you put them in there. They are also more reluctant to enter the crate as they have developed the association with being left behind.

How do I start the process? 

If you want to start crate training, you should start by making it the best place to be! You can start by feeding your dog in there, putting lots of treats into the kennel or even tossing toys or a comfy bed in there. You also want to reward the dog for entering the crate on their own even if it means keeping the door open so the dog can enter and exit on their own.

For more information on crate training and other topics just fill out one of my contact forms!


Happy training!

Amy Siracusa