The doggies are up and what a diverse and delightful group we have with us.

We open at 11:00 this morning and tomorrow and we close at 4:45. This weekend including Father’s Day we are here from 9:00 – 3:45.

You’ll notice we do have a couple of older dogs who love bringing in because seniors are the best. Sometimes we bring in dogs with health issues you can’t see or those you can such as missing fur or even a missing limb.

At NEW PAWSibilities we believe every dog has the right to a wonderful and loving home. If that home ends up being only for a year or two they know they were loved. Maybe for the only time in their lives. It takes a special human to adopt a dog knowing it will be for a shorter time. They have to squeeze all the love into a much shorter time.

There are people who adopt special-needs dogs knowing their budget will have to be be stretched to be able to pay for vet bills and surgeries and they are okay doing that because they are dog parents.

Sure, puppies and healthy adult dogs comprise the vast majority of our dogs and that allows us to rescue those who need an extra special amount of love and money. We are just glad that whenever a special dog comes to us there seems to always be the perfect person to adopt.

So to all of our families who looked beyond cost or that the time they would be able to enjoy their dog is shorter than had they adopted a different dog, thank you.