If there is reincarnation then when I die and come back I want to come back as a dog. Not just any dog, of course. I’m thinking I’d come back as my dog or if that’s not possible I want to come back as a NEW PAWS dog. You guys sure love your dogs and that’s wonderful!

After much thought, and reading these updates, I think I want to come back as Lorril Westaby’s dog. Lil’Dog has a new, big name for a little girl. Here’s some updates that prove that this adoption has a very PAWSitive Ending!

“Hello! Sorry it’s taken so long to give you an update on Lil’ Dog. She’s FANTASTIC! We love her very much! Her new name is Rosilee Maria or Rosi for short. She enjoys walks, riding in the car, chasing bunnies, playing with kids, and just being herself. She started school in July to become a therapy dog. She’s starting with the Good Citizen class. She’s such a great fit for us. Thanks for everything you do!

My nieces love that she naps with them. Only Rosi gets the good blanket
Rosi went to the City Band and met with the therapy dogs. Everyone loved her! Then to Culver’s for a little treat. She’s such a great doggy!
The cone of shame for a hot spot. The vet said she was excellent!
Rosi is on the mend and did over 2 miles today. We are so thankful for her. ”