My life is complicated. I arrived two years ago not knowing anyone except my son and his wife and son. Today, I am in a book club, I sing in the Oshkosh Chamber Singers, I teach writing classes now and then, I have a part-time job, I joined the Chamber of Commerce and The Rotary, and my life is busy. We bought an old house so you know what that means.
About a year after we got Coconut we talked about getting a friend for him. But life was complicated. Let’s wait until after the holidays. Can we afford it, we have all those taxes to pay? I have that trip in April, another in June, and then two later this summer. Always a reason to put off the thing that will bring you so much joy.

The graphic featured says, “Choose Joy! Don’t wait for things to get easier, simpler, better. Life will always be complicated. Learn to be happy right now. Otherwise, you’ll run out of time.”

That’s so true! Choosing to bring a living being into your house, changing the family dynamics, somehow taking this away from that to make the budget work, all those are decisions to not take lightly.

Choosing to adopt a dog is very much like choosing to have a baby. There’s never the perfect time. Ever. But then it happens and that dog brings you a special joy like nothing else in the world.

Choose a dog! That’s what I see when I hear the words on this graphic. Our dogs all come from an area of Kentucky that is poor. They have hundreds and hundreds of dogs at any given time trying to find space in shelters up north because the alternative is too horrible to consider. They are running out of time. How cool that you can choose joy, save a life, and make a difference all at once.

There’s never a perfect time, but we have your perfect dog. Come in meet your dog.