Good morning and welcome to puppy day! Yes, we seven adorable puppies ready for someone to come and visit today.
Christmas is a wonderful time of year and for some people, it’s the best time to handle the excitement of a puppy. This year many of you are still at home and have time to invest in a new puppy. Even kids who have been doing online schooling have a holiday break and that could be a welcome diversion.
However, puppies cry and chew and have potty accidents, need to be let out in this coming frigid weather. Puppies require beds, leashes, collars, toys, treats, food, and a vet visit.
Every year we get a handful of people telling us we should not be adopting out dogs during this time of year because it won’t take long until the kids get bored and the dog gets returned. And every year we explain that adoptions around this time of year are no different than any time of year. 2020 has been the weirdest year ever and most people are coming multiple times to try and adopt a dog because there are simply not enough for the demand. So by the time people finally adopt they are grateful, a lot of time and effort went into the process, and the adoptions stick.
We ask every person no matter what time of year to make a checklist of what will be needed to truly be the best dog parent for an adult or a puppy. We also ask people to please call us if there is an issue, to make a vet appointment ASAP, to visit our frequently asked questions link, and our blog to start learning about training and nutrition issues. Learning is power and there are so many resources out there to help you.
The national return to shelter numbers is a little under 25%. We believe by having a realistic adoption fee people are invested in the dog and that is a good thing. That fee also helps us rescue more dogs. Our return to shelter rate is well under 10% and are often because of financial issues, sadly we could be seeing more of those, and unexpected things such as the dog having an aversion to cats that no one knew about, or not getting landlord permission when moving with a dog, allergies, and things like that. There’s a small percentage of people who adopt a dog and then realize it’s not for them. Thankfully, we have few of those and the dog is usually out of the house and back with us in a number of dogs.
So whether you are looking to adopt one of our dogs or puppies this year or planning to start 2021 by adding to your family here are a few things to consider.
If you are adopting please consider us for leashes, collars, beds, food bowls, etc. because everything you purchase will help us to rescue more dogs.