Yesterday I posted about how not every dog and family are a 100% successful match.

At NEW PAWSibilities we believe choosing and paying an adoption fee is only the first step to life-long loving relationships between dogs and their persons.

The list is long when it comes to why people bring a dog back to the shelter but most of the reasons are usually due to highly trainable issues.

If you are a parent you remember bringing home your precious bundle of joy and being overwhelmed. You had nine months and countless books and a whole bunch of unsolicited advice, at least I had the unsolicited mostly useless advice, and yet I got home from the hospital overwhelmed and ready to give the baby back to someone else. The second child was no better because he acted 100% different than the first! And the first didn’t know what to think about the second kid and, well, you get the picture.

Your new dog is not that different than a new baby when it comes to one word. Change. Change is hard for everyone including and probably especially for your dog. A change in location, in learning how his new people act and want him to act, a change in smells in food, well, in everything.

There are two things that don’t change for a dog and they are the need to eat and the need to poop and pee. The eating part can be hard if they have food aggression but the going potty part can be a deal-breaker for some new doggy parents.

Before you decide to adopt we suggest learning as much as you can about these hot button issues. This link on our website answers lots of questions you might be going through once you bring your new dog home.

The animal wellness conference I attended earlier this year was sponsored by The Human Society of the United States. Their website has a plethora of information on every topic imaginable and the articles are well written and easy to understand and they are all free. Here is the one on potty training.…/how-housetrain-your-dog-or-…

Here’s the deal. We care about your success because nothing will bring a family together like a dog and the reverse is true. If you are having questions about potty training please give us a call. We have great people on staff who all own lots of dogs and they all had to go through potty training.

Regardless of the age or if they have lived in a home before your dog is considered not potty trained until you train them to your specifications. With Coconut it was well under a week but NEW PAWS helped me figure how to do it.

So now you have our site, an online tutorial, and you can always call us with questions.