An Absolutely Perfect Family!

Another one! Love, love, love these happy stories. So many happy families completed. "Hi, this is Angie and Adrian. We adopted Baby 2 weeks ago and her new name is Bella. I just wanted to let you know that she is absolutely adorable and fits in well with the family. She absolutely loves her big [...]

An Absolutely Perfect Family!2020-03-26T07:05:49-06:00

Best Decision Of His Life!

Cute puppy alert! Thank you for your PAWSitive Endings and please send your comments and pictures to [email protected] We really need to smile and hear some good news!   "Hi, I adopted Benny, (formerly known as Griffen) a little over a month ago and definitely one of the best decisions of my life! Glad to [...]

Best Decision Of His Life!2020-03-26T06:56:08-06:00

From Adam to Stewie

What a great dog. Thank you so much. Your photo, when he got home, with his brother and today. Thankfully, Tony Mertz Adopted June of 2017.  

From Adam to Stewie2020-03-26T06:46:53-06:00

An Oldie and a Goodie

When we opened in 2012 we knew there was a need. We were right and we love hearing from one of our very first adoptions. How cool is this?   We were one of the very first adopters when the shelter opened. We adopted Warren the howling coonhound. The first picture was him then. He [...]

An Oldie and a Goodie2020-03-25T06:36:36-06:00

And Lover and a Snuggler

Today we have one from Biggie Smalls' parents. What a beautiful boy.   "Hi, there! We adopted Biggie Smalls (now known as Hank) a few weeks ago! It took him a few days, but he’s definitely settling in!   He is all love, and is always ready for snuggles! We are LOVING him and are [...]

And Lover and a Snuggler2020-03-25T06:34:15-06:00

Giant Lapdog!

"We adopted Luna (formerly Sasha) at the beginning of May last year. We originally came in to look at Jake a Corgi/Golden mix because we wanted a dog smaller than our Mac who is a Border Collie/Springer Spaniel mix. We didn't, however, plan on leaving with a lapdog, especially a 100 lb. Great Dane but [...]

Giant Lapdog!2020-03-22T12:20:31-06:00

One Lucky Girl!

This is one lucky and very loved dog. We LOVE PAWSitive Endings! "Finely (Midge) has been home a week now. We couldn’t be happier. She is such a happy and fun puppy. She’s fitting in perfectly." --Tiffany Gorges

One Lucky Girl!2020-03-22T11:15:11-06:00

Shine on Little Luna

Brianna Jean sent the cutest pictures of Luna who they adopted a year ago this week. We are so happy we brought her to Oshkosh so that you guys could meet and fall in love!

Shine on Little Luna2020-03-13T08:52:55-06:00

The Missing Puzzle Piece

Alysha Brooks sent in the first PAWSitive Ending of March and we are thrilled for them. Thirty-one days of joy and surprises.   "A happy ending for sure! About a month ago, we came in to spend some time with a few dogs. I had no idea that I'd be leaving that afternoon with my [...]

The Missing Puzzle Piece2020-03-01T07:46:02-06:00

A Match Made In Heaven

Here's a happily ever after we love. Taco got off to a rough start because he was man-shy. Our volunteers and staff worked with him and then his princess stepped in and found him. Love at first sight! "Hi. I just wanted to send some new pictures of Taco. He is doing great and his [...]

A Match Made In Heaven2020-02-26T08:14:39-06:00