Beautiful Jessie

Some updates are short and really sweet and this one is beautiful. "Hello!!! Just wanted to send a picture of our beautiful Jessie! She’s doing very well :) Thank you!" -- Ryan-Analyise Jezwinski

Beautiful Jessie2020-12-22T10:24:44-06:00

Protector of his Family

Nothing is more fulfilling than knowing we have added a family member that has worked out well. We love these stories! "Last November in fact the day before Thanksgiving we adopted Manny. Our entire family is so thankful to have him in our lives. He’s a loving, caring, playful, cuddling, chipmunk catching, and protector of [...]

Protector of his Family2020-12-22T10:13:02-06:00

Leo The Brave: Part Two

We love when adopters give us updates about how things are going with their new four-legged family member. But we especially love it when the dogs are the ones telling their side of the story. We are assuming he dictated this to his person since ya kind of need opposable thumbs to type. When I [...]

Leo The Brave: Part Two2020-12-16T08:46:51-06:00

Leo The Brave

We asked for PAWSitive Endings to go through Thanksgiving because we are so thankful for our dogs and all of these incredible adoptions. But they keep coming and we love it! Here's one that Leo wrote those I think maybe he had a little help. Love, love, love this! "I'm Leo and I'm 1 yr [...]

Leo The Brave2020-12-03T08:40:56-06:00

The Perfect Match

Talk about a perfect match. I love this PAWSitive Ending story. We seriously have the best adopters around.   "Hello there. We adopted Henry (formerly Timmy) on November 14th, 2015. He was about 5 months old. I was not looking for another dog, but I saw his photo on your Facebook page and it was [...]

The Perfect Match2020-12-03T07:52:59-06:00

Daddy Knew Best

This is a wonderful story filled with so much happiness and joy. "Hi, there! I wanted to share our PAWSitive Ending story with you! We adopted Jack (formerly Duke) this July, and he has been exactly what I never knew our family was missing. My husband was the one who wanted a dog, I was [...]

Daddy Knew Best2020-11-24T14:54:31-06:00

He Completes Their Family

And the PAWSitive Endings just keep on coming.   Seriously the sweetest little guy. Adjusting so well! Took a few days but Gus (Gatsby) is running in the backyard like a champ. So good with everyone. Loves car rides. Two accident-free days. Completes our family.   Thank you! --Alissa Schulz

He Completes Their Family2020-11-24T14:47:57-06:00

Six Plus Acres of Doggy Happiness

It's wonderful when someone sees a photo and just knows. That's what happened with Angela and Shadow. Buck, formerly Cash, with our other dog Tanner who we adopted from you five years ago. They warmed right up to each other and great buddies Unfortunately, my brindled little man Buck went to heaven and now we [...]

Six Plus Acres of Doggy Happiness2020-11-24T14:01:27-06:00

Two Pretty Pups

Aren't they the prettiest dogs for today's PAWSitive Ending?   "Otis, a.k.a. Wonka, has been a typical puppy, but he loves his new older brother and loves to cuddle on his terms." -- Helen K Anderson-Moen  

Two Pretty Pups2020-11-24T14:45:59-06:00

He Broke A Couch!

Short, and sweet, and full of love. And a new couch we assume. "Good morning! We adopted George on July 5th, 2019. He has been a great addition to our family. He did break our couch within the first week, but we couldn’t ask for a more loving boy! "-- Laura Mallison

He Broke A Couch!2020-11-24T10:36:10-06:00
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