She’s Now A Believer!

Thank you, Denise Kay Fetzer, for sending in pictures of your little girl. Lily, short for Lilith, came to us as Ronni. It's funny how Mom is so entranced with her son's new dog because Lily is actually her son's dog that he adopted in December of 2018. "She's as docile as can be - [...]

She’s Now A Believer!2019-08-08T06:28:37-06:00

An Apple A Day Makes Life Perfect

We love pictures and stories! One thing that surprised me in was how far people drive to find their perfect pooch. Ripon isn't that far but we still appreciate coming to Oshkosh to find Apple. We've had people drive here from MN, IL, MI and more. Facebook and pet adoption referral sites are making a [...]

An Apple A Day Makes Life Perfect2019-08-02T06:54:02-06:00

Waiting for Chester

We have a great PAWSitive Endings story today because it’s a Gotcha Day story from Samantha Marie. She’s a little early because she is so excited to share and we are happy to jump the gun since the calendar is flying by. Sometimes, depending on the number of dogs and applications and adoptions it’s hard [...]

Waiting for Chester2019-07-25T07:29:52-06:00

Smitten With Blake

What a wonderful way to start my day! An inbox filled with happy adopters taking the time to share their stories. Please keep them coming because they are so much fun and give us such joy. Our first story is from Lyn Konopacky. She is obviously smitten with Blake as we all were when he [...]

Smitten With Blake2019-07-25T06:39:13-06:00

Two “Ts” in a Pod

I can't keep up with all these PAWSitive Endings and I love it! Keep them coming because this is why we do what we do. "Hello, My family adopted Tatum, a small hound mix, from New Pawsibilities a couple of weeks ago, and we wanted to send an update. We visited Tatum twice and decided [...]

Two “Ts” in a Pod2019-07-24T06:17:12-06:00

From “B” to “A”

Once upon there was a litter of puppies all with a name beginning with the letter B. This little guy's name was Bill. He found a great family who changed it to Apollo and now we get to see how he's grown up!Thank you for sharing these great photos and letting us know about another [...]

From “B” to “A”2019-07-24T06:07:29-06:00

A Very Special Family

Back in January, we received an adoption story. Since then we’ve had an update so we’ll run them both here as a PAWSitive Endings. We are so happy when people continue to update us. Not everyone would be willing to keep Beau and somehow find the money and the energy to care for him through [...]

A Very Special Family2019-07-22T10:01:00-06:00

From Rosie to Jane

We LOVED Jane when she was here and I am so happy to get an update on this little girl. "We wanted to give you guys an update on how Rosie(formally Jane) we adopted her on July 6th and she has been a perfect addition to our family. She just started to play fetch with [...]

From Rosie to Jane2019-07-22T06:45:06-06:00

Calling Doctor Tobey

Some PAWSitive Endings are quick pictures and a few words. This one is deeply personal and allows us a look into the life of someone who has had her life changed because of a dog. Thank you, Courtney, for being so open with your words. We are thrilled that Tobey found the right person. “One [...]

Calling Doctor Tobey2019-07-22T06:24:29-06:00

You’re Still The One

Remember that Shania Twain song? You know, You're Still The One? Well, that's what Karen Veeser Miller and her family are singing with their update. "We have had Mr. Mu almost 5 years now. He is the most joyful dog I have ever met. You just can't be sad around Mu because his excitement and [...]

You’re Still The One2019-07-20T08:24:11-06:00