A Perfect Life For Rollie

There's no better way to start off a Monday than with a PAWSitive Ending! Mikey stayed with us a little longer than expected but that's just because he was waiting for the right people. We think he chose a good one! Congratulations to Victor and Shelby! "We picked up Mikey, now known as Rollie, at [...]

A Perfect Life For Rollie2019-09-09T06:43:45-06:00

Bernie the Best

The bad news is I started today with nearly 400 emails in my inbox. The good news is that I am down to 220. I'm finding all sorts of cool stuff and along with a few things I wish I had posted when I got them. Sincere apologies to Robin Madrow who sent me this [...]

Bernie the Best2019-09-07T16:53:30-06:00

Meeka: Before and After

Mea culpa to Sandy Wicklund who sent pictures and a blurb last year. Yes, people, last year. I am trying to clean out my inbox and it is not going well. I am overwhelmed with email. Sandy, please post pictures so we can see how she is doing now. And we so apologize for the [...]

Meeka: Before and After2019-09-04T07:35:49-06:00

From Lab To Boxer/Bulldog

We love PAWSitive Endings but when they come with DNA findings we love them even more. Jennifer Nessler happily shared a ton of pictures of their new family member and we are happy to share them with you. "We wanted to give you guys an update on how Rosie (formally Jane) and how she is [...]

From Lab To Boxer/Bulldog2019-09-02T06:47:48-06:00

Good Girl, Nova!

What a great way to start our week with a PAWSitive Endings story you are going to love. Good girl! "A little over a year ago we adopted Nova from you. We just wanted to give you a little update on how she's been doing and to give you a huge thank you. No words [...]

Good Girl, Nova!2019-09-02T06:21:48-06:00

Coming Back as a Dog

If there is reincarnation then when I die and come back I want to come back as a dog. Not just any dog, of course. I’m thinking I’d come back as my dog or if that’s not possible I want to come back as a NEW PAWS dog. You guys sure love your dogs and [...]

Coming Back as a Dog2019-08-30T07:06:52-06:00

A Toddler’s Perfect Pup

Talk about a beautiful girl! And from the sound of it this is a heck of a great PAWSitive Endings. Thank you to Jennifer Appleton Tabbert for letting us know how Chloe is doing. She came to us as Freya but we think Chole is the perfect name for such a perfect pooch. “I’m grateful [...]

A Toddler’s Perfect Pup2019-08-28T16:29:59-06:00

Odin the Wonderful

We love PAWSitive Endings here and today we have a special one. Thank you to Emily for letting us know how Odin's life has been changed because she opened her heart and home to him. I bet Emily has been changed, too. "I changed Levon's name to Odin. Odin is the biggest sweetheart and absolutely [...]

Odin the Wonderful2019-08-13T15:16:54-06:00

She’s Now A Believer!

Thank you, Denise Kay Fetzer, for sending in pictures of your little girl. Lily, short for Lilith, came to us as Ronni. It's funny how Mom is so entranced with her son's new dog because Lily is actually her son's dog that he adopted in December of 2018. "She's as docile as can be - [...]

She’s Now A Believer!2019-08-08T06:28:37-06:00

An Apple A Day Makes Life Perfect

We love pictures and stories! One thing that surprised me in was how far people drive to find their perfect pooch. Ripon isn't that far but we still appreciate coming to Oshkosh to find Apple. We've had people drive here from MN, IL, MI and more. Facebook and pet adoption referral sites are making a [...]

An Apple A Day Makes Life Perfect2019-08-02T06:54:02-06:00