Ludo… Five Years Later

We love updates! This update came in one year ago and turned up on our timeline this morning. This means that Ludo has been in his home for five years. Five years of fun and joy and being silly and loving his best bud "cousin." Rescuing dogs is only part of what we do. Finding perfect [...]

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Lacy, Lacy, Lacy! Best Dog Ever

No matter how cold, how bad a day at work, how many chores there are to do at home, it somehow all falls away the moment your dog hears the front door home. “He’s home! My man is home!” Those are the words Lacy has been saying for the last ten weeks thanks to Jake [...]

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And the DNA Results are In!

We love getting updates and photos! Lucy Liu (formerly Christine) was adopted by Fred and Jodi Potratz in December. The Kentucky shelter labeled her a Hound/Retriever Mix. So Lucy settled in, Fred and Jodi fell in love, but they were still curious about the exact DNA of their new pooch. "I bought my test on Amazon," shares [...]

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Best Furry Friends Forever

"Hi, my fiancé and I would like to share our adoption story on your page! We adopted Beau back in November after settling into our new home. We saw how much he truly loved other dogs as we traveled home over the holidays. In mid-January, we took him back to NEW PAWSibilities to meet a potential little [...]

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Finally Home!

" My last dog came from KY as an 11-week old puppy. I did a DNA test on him. It came back that he was so mixed they could not determine breeds except for a little Rottweiler, Akita, and GSD. He lived until about 6 weeks shy of 14, and never met an enemy." – [...]

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Home is Where A Rescued Dog Is

"Our Ziggy, came up with 400 dogs from Kentucky. He has been with us since April 2012 we rescued him from you😍 He was 4 months old at the time." – Aleta Tweedale   "This is how my girl looked when I got her .... from you guys, she came from Kentucky ..... she’s almost 6 [...]

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From Kentucky to Oshkosh to Home

When we rescue dogs we do it for different reasons. Our dogs have had a hard start in their lives and yet they are generally the ones who rescue us. Amazing how that works. Thank you to all of our Kentucky to Oshkosh to Home dogs! Here are a few of them. "This is our [...]

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Honey, I’m Home!

The outpouring and love for your dogs after I posted about Kentucky having the worst record for animal protection laws had me in tears. Yeah, sitting in Panera working and people probably think I broke up with my boyfriend the way I was going on. Yes, Honey, I finally broke up with the other guy. [...]

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