Pool Loving Doggy

Another PAWSitive Ending! Gosh, we love these. The Bachman family sent in these adorable photos of Rufus and it's obvious this pooch won the jackpot when he chose his family!   "Hi there!   I got our dog from your facility almost two years ago. In your place, his name was Gilligan I believe. We [...]

Pool Loving Doggy2020-08-07T05:42:54-06:00

Dilly Dally!

Jayme Gast sent in a quick update about Dallie who went home with her this weekend. We love these updates! I love love the name. Have a happy time as a family. "I just wanted to give you an update on Dallie, or Dilly Dallie as I like to call her. She is settling in [...]

Dilly Dally!2020-08-05T07:31:00-06:00

From Wreck to a Life of Service

We love PAWSitive Endings and this is a great one, Thank you to Sarah for writing about her girl. THIS is why we do what we do!   Dear NEW PAWSibilities staff,   My household adopted Dixie Rose from you in April 2016. Despite some initial struggles and insecurities, she has become the heart of [...]

From Wreck to a Life of Service2020-08-04T06:23:40-06:00

Happy Birthday, Albus!

Look at this face! Another PAWSitive Ending and a birthday celebration.   "Thank you so much for what you do! We saved Albus ( Lucky) December 29th! Our family is in love! Albus turned 1 on Sunday!" -- Amber Vaughn

Happy Birthday, Albus!2020-07-29T07:20:20-06:00

Peanut the Little Dog Who Thinks He’s Huge!

Yes! Another PAWSitive Ending. We love this so much. In the midst of challenging times, we have dogs and happy families. How awesome is that? "We adopted our beagle Peanut (previously Tito) from you guys 3 months ago. Peanut is sweet, mischievous, energetic, great with kids, and loves his big sister. He is really tiny [...]

Peanut the Little Dog Who Thinks He’s Huge!2020-07-29T06:08:37-06:00

Taco: Gardener, Hunter, and Awesome Dog!

Last year we had this wonderful dog. Unless you were a guy. We may never know why but at some point Taco decided he only wanted to be around females. Of course, we don't know these things when we first get dogs from the high-kill shelter but it became pretty obvious so we labeled him [...]

Taco: Gardener, Hunter, and Awesome Dog!2020-07-28T07:36:02-06:00

That Face!

Who needs a bunch of words when you have so many fun photos?  Congratulations on one year of happiness and love! "A whole year already with our lovable Sweetie (Shaggy)! ❤❤❤❤❤" -- Mary Hogan Smith

That Face!2020-07-26T04:36:31-06:00

A Baseball Playing Dog

We love PAWSitive Endings and this is a great one. Who are we kidding? These are all great! But when the pictures include kids and dogs? Yeah, pretty awesome.   "Just wanted to send a 2-month update on Bella (fka Britain)   Bella has come a long way in two months! She definitely knows she's [...]

A Baseball Playing Dog2020-07-25T07:21:32-06:00

Mila and Arthur, BBF

We love, love, love PAWSitive Endings and this is a great one. Who are we kidding? They are all great! Thank you to Sarah and Jerett for sending us so many awesome pictures. Hi! We adopted Mila (previously Beauty) at the end of 2012 and she is turning 8 next month. We adopted Arthur (we [...]

Mila and Arthur, BBF2020-07-23T09:20:45-06:00

Happy Gotcha Day, Aspen

A year already? We remember this day and it was such a fun adoption. Thank you, Matt, for sending over these pictures. This is such a cute pup!   "One year ago yesterday I adopted my sweet Aspen from NEW Pawsibilities!!! Nothing but love this past year! I appreciate you all for giving all your [...]

Happy Gotcha Day, Aspen2020-07-21T06:11:23-06:00