An Unexpected Delight

Last month we hosted our first annual Wine and Wags Dog-Friendly Wine Tasting and Fundraising Event at Rushford Meadery and Winery in Omro. At the time we decided not to make it an adoption event because there was so much else going on that day. Silly us! Who can resist the lure of puppies! Hannah [...]

An Unexpected Delight2019-04-14T05:28:00-06:00

From Bam to Bean

We love notes of appreciation from our wonderful adopters. Thank you for taking the time to thank us for just doing what we are called to do. Without people like Cassie and Greg, our community would be a much sadder place! Dear New Pawsabilities, "I just wanted to send you a note of "Thanks." We [...]

From Bam to Bean2019-04-13T18:32:50-06:00

From Love to Health

Today’s PAWSitive Ending is different than most that we feature and we are excited to share this inspiring and wonderful story. When you birth or adopt a human child you never know if there are any underlying conditions your much-loved child will have. The same is true of a dog regardless of if it’s from [...]

From Love to Health2019-04-11T14:30:13-06:00

Luckier Than Him

We talk about the dogs who never seemed to get asked out on a date to trot into the visitation room to meet someone one who falls in love with them, might ask them to go home. Kato and Korah But so often we have the belle of the ball with us and the picture [...]

Luckier Than Him2019-04-12T06:55:35-06:00

Happy Dozer Day!

Hello, We thought you would like to hear that Dozer is very well loved and doing awesome! Yesterday was his one year adopted birthday into our family! He has come such a long way. He can still be timid at times (especially with water-he does not care for water at all 😊) but he has [...]

Happy Dozer Day!2019-04-04T08:24:22-06:00

The DNA Mystery Solved

We love DNA reports! We'll add this to PAWSitive Endings, too. If you decide to do a DNA test let us know. We love posting the results.   "Atlas now known as Duke has his DNA results. We adopted him after Lucy Lui. He is a rat terrier mixed with a Tibetan Spaniel. He came [...]

The DNA Mystery Solved2019-03-26T08:03:48-06:00

Las Vegas, Baby!

Alumnus update! The bigger of the tan dogs in these pictures was adopted from you guys on 12/26/2012. Since being adopted, he has moved to Nevada (Las Vegas) and now has 4 feline siblings, 3 canine and 2 African grey parrots - all ALSO rescues! Buddy came from Kentucky to NEW Pawsibilities to us...and he’s [...]

Las Vegas, Baby!2019-03-19T09:58:48-06:00

A Stinker Called Louie

Sitting on the couch on New Year's Eve morning looking at puppies like I did every day, I came across NEW Pawsibilities website and I started looking at all the cute dogs available. The minute I saw the picture of Louie (AKA Trevor), I knew instantly we had to drive through the snowstorm to go get [...]

A Stinker Called Louie2019-02-23T12:07:09-06:00

Ludo… Five Years Later

We love updates! This update came in one year ago and turned up on our timeline this morning. This means that Ludo has been in his home for five years. Five years of fun and joy and being silly and loving his best bud "cousin." Rescuing dogs is only part of what we do. Finding perfect [...]

Ludo… Five Years Later2019-02-04T07:38:21-06:00

Lacy, Lacy, Lacy! Best Dog Ever

No matter how cold, how bad a day at work, how many chores there are to do at home, it somehow all falls away the moment your dog hears the front door home. “He’s home! My man is home!” Those are the words Lacy has been saying for the last ten weeks thanks to Jake [...]

Lacy, Lacy, Lacy! Best Dog Ever2019-01-31T06:59:02-06:00