Wouldn’t Trade Her In Ever!

Great way to kick off the weekend. We love PAWSitive Endings! Isn't she absolutely gorgeous? We are so happy to have helped to create this wonderful family.   "My Mom and I adopted Annie (previously known as Cheyenne) from you in April after losing our beautiful Shepherd Husky Zeva to cancer. Some friends commented that [...]

Wouldn’t Trade Her In Ever!2021-09-18T06:27:42-06:00

Love Comes Quickly

PAWSitive Endings are the best! Love when they become family members so quickly. Sounds like the training will be a hit. Note Fritz on the bed where people sleep. He's not spoiled or anything, right? Congratulations!   "It’s been a few weeks so I just thought I’d give you a quick update on how Henry [...]

Love Comes Quickly2021-09-14T07:45:03-06:00

And Luna Makes Three

  This was a fun one. I met Jody at the dog park and learned that she had adopted Willow who she named Sparkles. What a fun name!   A couple of weeks ago I happened to be at NEW PAWS while she was adopting Hazel who is now Luna. What a happy family.   [...]

And Luna Makes Three2021-09-14T06:45:26-06:00


Last month, or maybe it was in July because the summer is passing by at warp speed it seems, we had a dog returned. Now this was not one of those situations where the dog came back in a number of days because the family realized they weren't ready for a dog. Nor was it [...]


“Ohana Means Family

Let's start Monday off with a PAWSitive Endings Birthday Bash! We are loving this Gotcha Day and DNA Reveal all rolled up into a Lilo a Stitch party. The cutest birthday party, ever! Congratulations!   "July 31st marked River's second year home. Of course she got a cake and had some dog friends over to [...]

“Ohana Means Family2021-08-22T08:50:07-06:00

New Pooch, New Home, Great Life!

Just look at thus baby! I mean, come on. We love PAWSitive Endings and this is a great one. Congratulations!   "We just wanted to share how incredibly happy we are that we adopted from you guys! We adopted Rabbit, now Bailey, from you back in July and he has adjusted so well moving into [...]

New Pooch, New Home, Great Life!2021-08-22T05:58:29-06:00

Isn’t She Lovely?

Another fabulous PAWSitive Ending! This one has tons of pictures that are sure to make you smile and kick off a great day for you.   "Just wanted to share some pictures of “Sheila” now Angel! She was very shy at first, but has warmed up a lot and really made this her home. She [...]

Isn’t She Lovely?2021-08-18T05:50:35-06:00

The Perfect Family

Look at this beautiful dog! What a difference a few months makes. Blue was adopted by Brittney Recore and her husband in February. Looks like has settled in and was the missing piece his family needed to make their lives complete. Talk about a PAWSitive Ending! Thank you for sharing.

The Perfect Family2021-08-16T09:59:05-06:00

Love, Love, Love The Guy!

  Yesterday we posted that Milo was adopted and his new mom responded with pictures and a little peek into their new family. He is now called Shiloh and Shiloh appears to be a very, very lucky little boy. Congratulations and we can't wait to hear more stories. What a beautiful boy.   "We (my [...]

Love, Love, Love The Guy!2021-08-15T06:24:23-06:00

Happy At Home

More good news! We love these PAWSitive Endings. She is really making herself at home. and look at that pose!   "This is Willow formerly known as Cinder.   She is the best. The most perfect addition to our family. We love her so much. Thank you for letting me adopt her. "

Happy At Home2021-08-10T05:43:37-06:00
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