Bosco the Birdwatcher

Mandy Kraemer sent us the cutest pictures of Bosco (AKA Skip) and we are in love! "We adopted Skip in October and he loves his new home. He is 15 pounds and a muscular little guy. He enjoys chasing his fury sister around the house and begs for ice cubes around the clock! Now that [...]

Bosco the Birdwatcher2020-04-04T08:50:35-06:00

No Surprises Here

Susie Lettaur donated to our $31.00/31 Days and we couldn't be happier. Thank you so much, Susie!   "We donated $32 for your campaign. $31 to honor the dogs and $1 to honor ours that we adopted from New Pawsibilites. We adopted Braxton on January 20th, 2019. We had an Embark test done to check [...]

No Surprises Here2020-04-04T07:19:48-06:00

100% Lovable Rescue

Julie Mayer proudly supports us during our $31.00/31 Days Campaign and we hope you will consider donating $31.00 or more before May 1. Thank you, Julie!   "I did my donation for 31.00 in honor of Abby who I adopted from New Pawsibilities 3 years ago. She’s a sweet dog with her own personality, loves [...]

100% Lovable Rescue2020-04-04T06:50:36-06:00

Best Big Sister in the World

Ready for your morning cuteness? You won't need to add any sugar to that coffee once you see these. So adorable!   "I have to give you an update on our Beagle Daisy we adopted from you in June!   As you may remember we adopted Daisy and 1 week later we found out after [...]

Best Big Sister in the World2020-04-02T06:26:40-06:00

A Little Jack Daniels

We love updates! What a darling little boy! "To my New Paws family, I have been following your Facebook updates and posts and wanted to share an update on my little man, Jack Daniels (formally known as Parker!) I adopted JD from New Paws in July when he was just 3 months old! He is [...]

A Little Jack Daniels2020-03-31T11:54:14-06:00

Best of Friends

I love all of these PAWSitive Ending stories. Aren't they beautiful? "We adopted Stitch (formerly Jade) in January 2016 when she was almost a year old. 2 years later we added a second dog to our family when we adopted Daisy (formerly Charlene) who was just a tiny puppy. Now they are like sisters and [...]

Best of Friends2020-03-27T11:18:07-06:00

And Look At That Nose!

She's not even close to being spoiled, is she? That face is perfect! "Macie, now Sadie is adjusting to the good life pretty well! Still working on going potty only outside but she is such a sweet girl. Thank you guys" -- Blaise Reynolds

And Look At That Nose!2020-03-27T08:45:55-06:00

A Wonderful Addition!

And the hits keep coming. We couldn't be happier. Well, not true. We need dogs, business, as usual, no Covid-19, and sun. "We adopted Maggie (formerly Alexa) back in November and she has been a wonderful addition to our family she's great with our kids and her big brother Hawk. Thank you so much for [...]

A Wonderful Addition!2020-03-26T13:52:52-06:00

An Absolutely Perfect Family!

Another one! Love, love, love these happy stories. So many happy families completed. "Hi, this is Angie and Adrian. We adopted Baby 2 weeks ago and her new name is Bella. I just wanted to let you know that she is absolutely adorable and fits in well with the family. She absolutely loves her big [...]

An Absolutely Perfect Family!2020-03-26T07:05:49-06:00

Best Decision Of His Life!

Cute puppy alert! Thank you for your PAWSitive Endings and please send your comments and pictures to [email protected] We really need to smile and hear some good news!   "Hi, I adopted Benny, (formerly known as Griffen) a little over a month ago and definitely one of the best decisions of my life! Glad to [...]

Best Decision Of His Life!2020-03-26T06:56:08-06:00