Coconut Adventures

All You Need Is Love

I love Amazon Prime for many reasons. I think I spend more on dog stuff than anything else through Prime. But I love Amazon Prime Music.   The other day I was listening to a 60s channel while writing dog bios and a spate of Beatles music flew by, each song better than the one [...]

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It’s Too Cold!

Today we went to the little pet store in downtown to buy some extra special treats for Coconut because he has been so amazingly good while I've been working. He's the very definition of, "Good boy, good boy!" It was a little windier than expected but still a very pleasant walk. With the sun we've [...]

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Cuddle Your Way to Health

Today is a day I can wrap my arms around because today is National Cuddling Day. Cuddling has some incredible health benefits.   1. Cuddling helps you sleep because of the oxytocin released while cuddling. How cool is that? Will it work with a dog? I don’t have any studies to show it will, but [...]

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A New Ending

Do you ever have one of those days when nothing goes right? How about a month, a year, or a life? You ever wonder why life keeps kicking you in the shin? I think we all do.   As many times as I’ve pondered on the unfairness of the cards I’ve been dealt, I can [...]

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Calling Dr. Puppy

I have twin brothers. I say have because in my heart I will always have brothers here who are seven years younger than me. One of them died over twenty years ago from a rare liver disease. In fact, it's the same disease that took football great Walter Peyton from us far too early. Okay, [...]

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National Trivia Day, Gone to the Dogs

Today is National Trivia Day which means of course on this site the trivia will be all about dogs.   Every year about this time my husband and I decide to watch a series from beginning to end and critique it. Some series don’t make it to the end, some barely a few episodes. But [...]

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Seven Amazing Reasons to Adopt

You Get to Be A Hero Saving a life feels good. Our dogs all come from a high-kill shelter with a ticking clock. Adoption is literally life-saving. By adopting from NEW PAWSibilities you are giving a dog a second chance at a wonderful life. Unconditional Love Forever Shelter dogs come in all shape, sizes, breeds, [...]

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A Walk A Day

Today is National Personal Trainer Awareness Day and, after the holidays, we are all likely looking at losing those few extra pounds we gained. And the ones we didn't lose before the holiday season started.   Personal trainers are expensive, they require you to drive to the gym, and they don't give you kisses and [...]

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Four Questions

One of the things I do at NEW PAWSibilities is creating content for Facebook and also the blog section of our website. Some of the things I write are based on my need for knowledge since I am such a newbie to a being owned by a dog. Other ideas come from questions people ask. Without [...]

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