Some PAWSitive Endings are quick pictures and a few words. This one is deeply personal and allows us a look into the life of someone who has had her life changed because of a dog. Thank you, Courtney, for being so open with your words. We are thrilled that Tobey found the right person.

“One year ago I brought this boy home. I had been watching your page for weeks, going back and forth on if I could handle taking in new pup when I was struggling to take care of myself. I was in the middle of some tough stuff and just wasn’t sure I could be what they’d need me to be.
Then I saw Tobey pop up. My heart did that thing…. you know, that squeezy, achy, pitter-patter thing. So I squashed down the self-doubt and headed over to your place to see him. Haven’t looked back since.

I had no idea of the massive impact he’d make. I struggle with C-PTSD, panic disorder, and a bunch of other emotional stuff. Almost right away Tobey started sensing my moods when I was escalating when I was crashing. He’s come to me many times with his way of soothing before I even realize an attack is coming. I’ve started having seizure-like episodes, and he has been right on it, jumping up and sitting on me, licking my hand or arm, nudging my face, patting my shoulders or legs. He stays until I come down and then curls up tight against me while sleep off the effects.

I struggle with social anxiety issues and he makes me feel safe and protected. He may be only twenty-two pounds, but he sees himself as a big boy, putting himself between me and anything he senses I am worried about. He’s saved me. I’m pretty sure that when most of the dogs trot out of your wonderful facility, they’re not being rescued. They’re off to go do the rescuing for us. Thank you for what you do. And thank you for my Tobey.” — Courtney Wright