Ally sent this from an Instagram submission. We love PAWSitive Endings and this is the first one we’ve gotten through Instagram. You’re going to love this story.

Keep ’em coming!

“These are some pictures of my dog, Brewer (you named him Tanner).
Your rescue brought him from Kentucky with his brother, Choco.
They are hound (I think Beagle) and Great Dane mixes. We adopted him during summer 2013. I’m so thankful that you saved him, he’s the best boy! He’s so smart.

He can do a bunch of tricks like “sit pretty”, wave, turn (in a circle), shake, dance, bow, he can jump through a hula hoop, and he can climb the ladder up into my treehouse.

He LOVES kiddos and absolutely adores the neighbor girls. He loves car rides and walks. We can’t even say the words “ride” “walk” or “Rover’s” (his daycare) without him going absolutely crazy.

He loves daycare! He’s a dream on a leash and perfect in the car. He’s lazy, but up for adventures anytime! Brewer is the best dog I could have ever hoped to have. He’s 60 pounds (he needs to lose his winter fluff yet) but absolutely full of love.

Thank you for my best friend in the whole world. I will definitely be adopting from you again!!” -Mary