“Dogs are miracle with paws.” — Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy

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National Pit Bull Awareness Day

Today is National Pit Bull Awareness Day and we wanted to highlight this day so that hopefully people come and meet Spot. This is a day set aside to educate, change minds, and bring about positive media attention to pit bulls across the country all in one day. That's a [...]

It’s Not Small Stuff

My dog got hurt on Tuesday. The why and the how don’t matter as much as that he’s going to be fine in a couple of weeks. There’s no one to blame, though the scared part of me really wanted to blame my husband. He got hurt because things happen [...]

National Make a Dog’s Day

Today is National Make a Dog's Day and we have twenty-seven dogs waiting for you to make not just today but every day by giving them a new home. We are almost into November so that means we still have time to promote Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month. Over the last year, we've [...]