“Dogs are miracle with paws.” — Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy

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Dog Bite Prevention

We love our dogs and the last thing we want for them or for our family and friends or even total strangers is to have them bite or even nip at someone.   Here is a great article along with an infographic to help understand why and when some dogs [...]

Choosing a Dog

Getting a puppy is such a fun experience! One reason people love NEW PAWSibilities is that we bring in such a large variety of pooches, both puppies and adult dogs, from teeny tiny to massive and everything in between.   Today let's talk about puppies. We won't promise you there [...]

Healthy Play, Happy Dog!

Maybe this holiday weekend doesn't look like it did last year. No car show, stores are closed. Families who would typically get together are now staying home because of the virus. Are you as sick of saying because of the virus as I am? But there are fun things to [...]