“Dogs are miracle with paws.” — Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy

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Do Dogs Eat More During Winter?

Last winter Coconut started trying to get into the trash and eat food scraps. When I took him on walks his attention was more on sniffing out bread pieces and chicken bones than the smile joy of walking. He seemed to be reverting back to the behavior we had worked [...]

When the pandemic started and people began jumping on the doggy adoption train there was a lot of concern that after things got back to normal, whatever normal is, there would be a mass dumping of dogs back to the shelter or rescue or given to friends and family. The [...]

Let It Snow!

Good morning and who's looking forward to the snow? I know my answer but I can't use that kind of language here. It's not the snow but the fact that when people don't shovel and de-ice it's a problem when walking our dogs. But that aside, many dogs love snow! [...]

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