“Dogs are miracle with paws.” — Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy

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Mental Stimulation for Your Dog

I walk around my neighborhood sometimes six or eight miles over four or five dog walks. We have a ton of dogs!   Coconut loves meeting new people and dogs, I think he loves the people more, but it's been harder to do that with COVID-19. And now that the [...]

Rainy Days and Mondays

Music has this amazing ability to transport us back to our past; the highs and the lows, the never being asked to prom, winning a scholarship, not being one of the cool kids.   When I was in high school I sang in the choir, show choir, and madrigals. I [...]

Man’s Best Friend

Today is National Love People Day. Is it just me or is that becoming harder and harder to do in 2020? You know what's not harder? Loving dogs and having our dogs love us. In fact, for some, it's easier because they are spending more time at home with their [...]

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