“Dogs are miracle with paws.” — Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy

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The Name Game

Contrary to what most people think I grew up in Kansas. We lived in a primarily African American neighborhood with a smattering of similarly poor and struggling faces of varying races.   I hated my name. Really hated it. I didn’t care about my brothers’ names because girls are different [...]

Spring Fever

Until I got a dog spring fever meant baseball, my father’s favorite sport. He was a Kansas City Chiefs fan and never walked away from a pick-up or league game he didn’t love and usually won. To this day I hate baseball because of one too many days of sitting [...]

Sorry, Charlie

Today is National Sorry Charlie Day. Some of you are old enough to remember Charlie, the cartoon mascot and spokes-tuna for the StarKist® brand. Charlie believed that he was so hip and cultured, that he had "good taste," and he was the perfect tuna for StarKist®. In another commercial, Charlie [...]