“Dogs are miracle with paws.” — Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy

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My Love Loves Me

The other day as I stared into my dog's eyes which never, ever seem to blink, I thought I should have named him Love.   Yes, that does seem like a weird name except I was rehearsing for a concert and the song was My Love Loves Me. See where [...]

Enough No, Guaranteed Yes.

We live a life of "no" it sometimes seems. From the time we are young our days are filled with the word, no. Most of the time the word no is warranted. No, you can't eat only cookies for breakfast. No, you can't stay home you have to go to [...]

Living Proof

Good Monday morning to our wonderful community.   Some of you are bummed because your Packers did not win. But I hope you had fun watching the game with your friends so that has to count for something.   If you are like me, some of you are worried about [...]