“Dogs are miracle with paws.” — Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy

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Rescue a Joy-Bringer

Earlier this week I read that Wednesday, March 20 was not only the first day of spring but also the international day of happiness. There is a complicated system of figuring out which country ranks where, it’s Finland for the win if you didn’t read the study, and out of [...]

Crates: The When, Why, and How

The first night we had Coconut I had never heard of crate training. I came home to over $2,500 worth of damage and the next day we added $500.00 to our credit card because of an emergency vet trip which turned out to be a sprained hip. I am now [...]

A lifetime of LOVE: Priceless.

The other day someone mentioned that one of our new dogs was everything she wanted in a dog and then questioned why the dogs were all so expensive. I’ve addressed this several times and will do it many times in the future because it’s a valid question. I’d heard about [...]