“Dogs are miracle with paws.” — Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy

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Helping Two Dogs Be Friends

We get a lot of questions about our rescue dogs and we cover the answers in the link at the end of each bio unless we hear otherwise from the shelter in Kentucky or we observe something once the dogs are here. Does my dog like cats? We don't know. [...]

Those eyes. Doesn't matter which breed, every single dog has those eyes and they are programmed to manipulate us with those eyes. Especially with food.   Our dogs are rescue dogs. I am convinced my dog was owned before and that he ran away and was gone and never found. [...]

Be Heard

  Today is National Be Heard Day. In 2004 a business mentor founded this day to help small businesses stand up and be heard through all the big business marketing. Sounds like a David and Goliath battle and that’s what it feels like to us, too. My role with NEW [...]

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