Today is a no brainer day because it’s National Make a New Friend Day and if that’s not our day I don’t know what is.
There’s no shortage of quotes about dogs and friends on the Internet. I think my favorite might be from Thom Jones. “Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them.
I know this to be true as do many of you. We rescue hundreds of dogs each year and we continue to ask, “Why is that dog still here? This is such a fabulous dog. We can’t believe no one has adopted her!” Then we remember the quote that dogs find the people who need them. Of course, for that to happen we need people to walk in the door and meet the dogs and if they don’t, well, a dog languishes and becomes more difficult to get adopted. They think our shelter is their home, that one of our staff is their person. But no matter how much we love our dogs we know they are all better in a home with a real best friend.
So why are dogs such good friends?
Dogs will never say, “I told you so” no matter how silly your planned turned out to be. When you are bummed over something stupid you did your best friend will curl up next to you or force you to go on a walk or a run. They don’t care that things didn’t go as planned. Their only That’s right dogs don’t know what judgment is. They love you for exactly who you are.
Whether it’s being dumped by a boyfriend, bouncing a check and stressing over money, or a cancer diagnosis dogs know what’s going on. They have the perfect words to make you feel better. They cuddle next to you and let you ramble until you figure it out. He knows you’re smart that way. You were smart enough to let him choose you, you’ll get through whatever is happening.
Dogs aren’t like people. They don’t carry grudges. Just because you refused that last walk he wanted at 11:00 last night doesn’t mean he’s going to wake up crabby. Nope. He might remember exactly where he spotted that chicken wing after garbage day last week but he’ll wake every day and look at you with those adoring eyes and yesterday is over in his mind. They are happy to wake up and greet the day. Every. Single. Day.
Want to go on a run? To the beach? To sit outside with friends and eat at a cute new restaurant that doesn’t serve dog treats? Want to binge-watch a show and drink wine all night after wearing your pajamas all day? Cool! He’s up for whatever you want. Now that’s a friend.
Dogs love unconditionally. If you yelled at your dog because she chewed your shoe, if you left for the day without saying goodbye, or forgot to give her a treat that you promised you’d get after a walk your dog still loves you.
Dogs are loyal, pretty much always happy, they’ll protect you with their life, and that they ask is that you return their love.
“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” —Josh Billings
If you have been considering coming in to find a new friend then why not come today? Puppies, young adults, seniors, a whole bunch of breeds. So many dogs just waiting to choose you and change your life forever. Pretty cool way to get a best friend.