The absolute best part of my job is when I get to tell you about the PAWSitive Endings that happen thanks to our partner shelter in Kentucky, our wonderful adoption counselors, and those of you who came in to adopt and then send us your stories. We love success! Thank you to the Dubinski family for opening their hearts and their home to this wonderful senior dog who is eternally grateful.

“It has been one year since we brought Henry (formerly Jobi) into our lives. Not only did we rescue him, but he also recused us from a broken heart of losing one of our beloved pets.

Henry immediately stole our blankets and won our hearts. Within minutes of arriving, he literally made himself at home by running four laps around the house then finding an empty dog bed to settle into and fall asleep. His furry brother and sister couldn’t quite figure out what was hiding out in their bed. He fit in immediately!

As every day goes by we learn more about his BIG personality. He is a rude old man when it comes to dinner time, LOVES cat food, and is bossy at bedtime. He knows exactly what he wants and the life he wants to live.

Since his “gotcha day,” we have celebrated his 18th birthday! He is now living his best life with a family who loves him.”Neely Dubinski

The first three photos are from the first day and you can tell how Jobi has blossomed since day one. What a super story!