We love happy endings and families in love with their dogs. Today Tiffany McGonigle sent us an update and pictures and we couldn’t be more excited.

“I just wanted to send an update on our newest edition Stella (formerly Nancy) and her “sister” Luca (we adopted her six years ago from NEW PAWSibilities.)

We adopted Stella the day after Wine and Wags charity event for NEW PAWSibilities as she was one of the puppies you could hold and cuddle. I fell in love with her the moment I held her. I had my mom go grab my husband so he could hold her also and he fell in love instantly as she licked his face and snuggled into him, the same way she did to me.

That was almost four months ago and now she is almost seven months and doing wonderful.  She is very smart and headstrong. She is learning new things every day and gets along with Luca beautifully. They are best buds and if one leaves the house the other has to go also!

Luca is also doing very good. She was Dan’s and my first dog fur baby together and we couldn’t have asked for a better dog. She is a mommy’s girl and a good cuddle buddy. She is smart, affectionate and a great big sister to Stella even when Stella tries to play with Luca when she is pooped from playing with a puppy all day! All in all, they are both wonderful dogs and we couldn’t be happier, even though Stella keeps us on our toes!

I forgot to say thank you for all you do and for caring so much about these dogs and saving their lives. Thank you, Tiffany McGonigle” 

Note: All five puppies from Wine and Wags found homes and they are all doing fantastic! On July 13th at DePawsitory on College Ave. in Appleton we’ll be hosting our second Adoption Days. This will be a fun time to cuddle and hold the dogs and really get to know them. We’re not sure who is coming but since we only get fabulous dogs they will all be adoptable and fun.