“When life gets hard, remember, there’s lots of beauty left to see, tons of adventures to be had, and more love than you ever thought possible if you just hang on.” — Lori Deshene
Isn’t that a wonderful thought amidst the craziness of 2020. Raise your hand if your beauty, adventures, and more love than you ever thought possible came to you on four legs and covered in fur. Maybe all of that came to you years ago, maybe from us, maybe from a different shelter. Maybe you’re like what feels like half of America the reason you’re hanging on is that you adopted from us during this insanely crazy slice of 2020.
The pandemic has forced many people to stay at home. This means that people are spending a lot more time with their animals. How do you think that this affects how people cope with the stress of the pandemic during this period? What do we know about the impact of animals on stress and anxiety during challenging times like we are currently experiencing?
Dogs keep us grounded. No matter how depressed you might be over the loss of a job, not traveling to see family, canceled events, or all of the political rhetoric, dogs make you wake up every day. Once you’ve gotten up to fulfill your obligation as a dog mom or dad it’s pretty hard to go back to being an ostrich with your head buried under the covers.
Because dogs need to be walked, they need to eat, you want to play with them, to cuddle to talk to them. Dogs are always happy to see us no matter how long you’ve been away from them. Dogs make us feel good just by needing us.
Dogs can be a powerful way to reduce stress and anxiety. Anyone feeling stressed and anxious more than normal these days?
I consider myself blessed because I have someone living in my house with me. I actually like that person. I have meaningful work I can do from home, I have projects outside of work that keep my mind off of all that isn’t happening, and I have enough money to pay my bills.
Many people don’t have all that I have. For them, particularly if they live alone, a dog becomes one of their most important, if not most important, social relationships.
This is common in older individuals who have the greatest need to physically distance themselves. Their dog is a place of security, solace, and love.
We’ve heard the phrase essential workers bandied about since the Safer at Home order went into effect. You know who was not mentioned along with the plethora of people needed to make sure we can buy what we need to live and get or stay safe and healthy? Dogs. I contend that dogs are also essential workers. The good news is that they love being an essential worker in your home.
We have eleven dogs who are going to make fantastic essential workers. Why not come and meet one of our dogs and see if they might be right for you.
We are so happy to be open seven days a week because that makes adoptions so much easier than it’s been. No appointments needed but we do require masks inside our lobby and to get into the private adoption room.
Beaty, adventures, and love. All in a dog. Yep. Essential workers.