Today is National Be Heard Day. In 2004 a business mentor founded this day to help small businesses stand up and be heard through all the big business marketing. Sounds like a David and Goliath battle and that’s what it feels like to us, too.

My role with NEW PAWSibilities is to help us to be heard. Because of our budget and size, we do grass-roots marketing, the kind that relies on a strong community of support to make it effective and save more lives. And you are doing a fantastic job of helping us be heard.

The Pandemic has been hard financially, but we are being heard in more places thanks to the dog shortage and so people are working overtime to find dogs and they learn about us.

Being heard is even more critical to our business than some others because when we are heard we rescue more dogs. Because we continually get new people joining Facebook or sharing these posts I try and let people know a little of our story from time to time.
All of our dogs are rescued from a high kill shelter in the poorest county in Kentucky. There are so many animals there begging to be heard through the cacophony of barking. Think about cages upon cages of dogs who have been through the worst you can imagine and they still have the will to not just live but to thrive. Every two weeks we transport dogs who will have a better chance of being heard in Northeast Wisconsin.
Our job is to celebrate Be Heard Day every single day. Our dogs are heard not only by barking but by their looks, their antics, by being their unique selves. Today we have dogs who have been here for a couple of weeks and they are all ready to go home and start being heard as part of a family.

We appreciate your willingness to listen to our message, to listen with your ears and eyes and your heart. When you hear our message, dogs have the opportunity to live the lives they were meant to live. And when you share our message you help to stretch our budget to the point where we can do much with little.

National Be Heard Day sounds like the perfect day to come to meet a dog who you can give a lifelong, loving home. Thank you for helping us to be heard so that all of our dogs can find homes. Because a dog gives you their heart.