When we adopted Coconut as my emotional support animal I never thought that I rescued him or that I had superpowers. I was in such emotional and physical pain from the car wreck and subsequent brain damage and moving that I was the one who needed rescuing. Coconut rescued me plain and simple.

Getting Mele was a different experience. We decided Coconut needed a friend, it’s been almost two weeks and the jury is still out on that one depending upon if Mele decides to sleep on Coconut’s head, not appreciated, or they are having a fun game of tug-o-war, something they both love. I think in general they are going to be best buds.

I was fine having one dog. I mean, when you have the best dog why tamper with the perfect life? But as I started working my time from Coconut’s perspective was that my time with him was now diminished and he was bored and sometimes sad. Gary wanted his own dog. There was no question that Coconut liked and even loved Gary. But the bond between Coconut and me was unbreakable and some days Gary felt like a third wheel I’m sure.
When we decided to get a dog, we had a different dog in mind. But then I asked which dog did Coconut play within daycare that he really seemed to enjoy. Bambi, now named Mele, was one of those dogs who had been in our shelter for four months and no one had ever specifically asked to see her. When staff suggested her to people walking in this little girl acted like the shyest dog on the planet and would crawl under the bench as if it was torture being in the same room as anyone she did not know.

How could we not put on our super capes and rescue this little girl? Today is National Superhero Day and whether you walk in with thoughts of rescuing a dog or being rescued a funny thing happens. In both of our dogs, we rescued them and they rescued us.

We have twenty dogs right now who need rescuing. They are healthy and funny and energetic and cuddly and will add so much to your life and you can add to theirs. Adopting a rescue dog has moments when you wonder why on earth did you go down this path. We don’t know their past, but we do know that once they are in your home their future is bright. And your future is also better in so many ways. Rescues and rescuers rescue each other.

As we celebrate National Superhero day why not put on your cape and drive over to NEW PAWSibilties and see if there is a dog who is waiting to choose you. Remember that shy dog no one thought would ever find a home? The minute he walked into the visitation room she ran to Gary and practically jumped in his lamp. She found her person! As a bonus, she got me and the best doggy friend and we are all superheroes in our own way.