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She Keeps Us On Our Toes!

PAWSitive Ending Time! Zoey sounds like an amazing girl and she is well-loved. Lots of awesome photos. Congratulations on your one year Gotcha Day.   "It's been one year since we got her... formerly Alice. She has been such a blessing. She always keeps us on our toes. Endless laughs and playing.   She ended [...]

She Keeps Us On Our Toes!2021-01-31T12:35:59-06:00

Eleven Wonderful Breeds!

It looks like Santa brought a number of DNA testing kits to people because we getting all kinds of reports and we love them. They are so incredibly interesting. We all know that regardless of what the breed mix these are all the best dogs ever.   "Hello! I adopted Frankie (previously known as Cricket) [...]

Eleven Wonderful Breeds!2021-01-27T10:07:48-06:00

A Bag of Dog Food Equals a Great Dog

Aren't PAWSitive Endings just the best part of this site? Here's one from Gwen and it's a doozy.   Gwen came to us on April 4, 2013, so it was not even two years since we had opened. Ryder is a brown Labrador and at the time he was around four-and-half when Gwen came looking [...]

A Bag of Dog Food Equals a Great Dog2021-01-27T09:57:02-06:00

Our COVID Journey

The best posts are those that either announce recent adoptions or telling us how things are going. We love them and we think you do too. Thank you to Terry Faccio for sharing these wonderful photos and the family journey since getting Ella. We love the honesty in their story and how it has not [...]

Our COVID Journey2021-01-25T10:40:47-06:00

Isn’t She Lovely?

Isn't she lovely? I hear the strains of that Stevie Wonder song because she really is a lovely, lovely girl. We love these updates on a snowy morning. We are thrilled for Maya and her loving family! "Hello! We adopted our dog Maya from you in September of 2019 and are just so thankful that [...]

Isn’t She Lovely?2021-01-24T07:46:54-06:00

One Hundred Percent Wonderful!

It's been a while since we had a DNA report. We know that no matter what the results we all love our dog. But it is fun to delve into our dog's DNA. Clair Meier has the best attitude about the test. We are happy she is loving Sophie. "Good morning! I adopted Freda (now [...]

One Hundred Percent Wonderful!2021-01-23T10:13:02-06:00

Perfect For Us

People ask us all the time how they can help to make sure we continue to not just survive but also to thrive. Money. Lots of money always helps. But a simple way that each and every one of you can help is by writing and placing reviews wherever you can. Reviews matter. We get [...]

Perfect For Us2021-01-15T13:44:07-06:00

Cinderella Dog

When I was twenty-four I got my first important job where I had to dress up. Up until that point I'd been a college student and then a teacher in West Africa but this job was as an assistant manager at a retail store. I didn't last long there because I soon learned that assistant [...]

Cinderella Dog2021-01-16T07:40:15-06:00

The Wait Is Worth It

I have a Facebook friend who suffers from anxiety and depression. She was seeing a therapist before the pandemic began but she stopped because she hated doing online appointments. She doesn't live in my state and so there's really nothing I can do it help her. Let's call my friend Alice. That's not her name, [...]

The Wait Is Worth It2021-01-12T10:13:46-06:00

What is an Emotional Support Animal?

New year, old topics. One of the things we love about Facebook and our blog is that we have unlimited space to write about topics of importance for those who own or love dogs. As a new dog owner three years ago I was even more terrified of getting it wrong than I was when [...]

What is an Emotional Support Animal?2021-01-10T10:39:04-06:00
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