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A Wonderful Addition

"We got our Petey from you around this time 2 years ago. He is such a wonderful addition to our family. He makes me laugh every day and has been such a bright spot through this time. We are lucky to have found him" -- Crystal Diels

A Wonderful Addition2021-11-23T07:49:37-06:00

The best, best, best way to kick off Thanksgiving week is to share a new PAWSitive Ending story. Just look at this family!   "Pete the Akita (formerly Kota) has settled in so great. Once he got comfy he’s turned out to be the biggest one eyed sweetheart.   He’s a great #3 in the [...]


Mr Mason Macaroni

We always wonder how our dogs are doing in their new homes and so it's wonderful when we hear from the new family. Mason was one of two Elkhound, Norwegian that came to us this Fall. They went to two different homes and we are thrilled to post this short and incredibly sweet PAWSitive Ending [...]

Mr Mason Macaroni2021-11-19T11:14:17-06:00

All The Food Is Hers!

Yeah! A second PAWSitive Ending story! Makes our hearts burst reading all of these success stories. What I love about this is that she Phoebe's people are open to training and learning more and more. "Good morning, Just wanted to update you on Carmelita! She has a new name, which is Phoebe Honey Crest, and [...]

All The Food Is Hers!2021-11-14T08:37:21-06:00

The Biggest Sweetest Cuddle Bug!

PAWSitive Endings! Our favorite posts because it makes everything worthwhile. This one is so filled with happiness and joy I dare you to now smile when you read it.   "We adopted Max2, now Scotch, nearly two months ago. We know he had been returned twice before so we wanted to post an update!   [...]

The Biggest Sweetest Cuddle Bug!2021-11-14T08:31:54-06:00

Bubba Jack!

Happy Senior Adoption Month!   This. This is why we do what we do. This boy would have been euthanized but for the transport to Oshkosh. Seniors are not for everyone but when it works, it works. We are so grateful to Rebecca for giving Bubba Jack a home.   "A few weeks back I [...]

Bubba Jack!2021-11-13T08:55:09-06:00

An Army Crawling Happy Little Boy!

We love, love, love PAWSitive Ending stories. It's why we do what we do and these stories help us when times are hard in the rescue. Jasper looks like he's fitting right in and this brings us so much joy!   "It’s been about a week since we took Jasper (formerly Draven) home so we [...]

An Army Crawling Happy Little Boy!2021-11-07T07:24:31-06:00

A Little Different Than Imagined!

Our dogs are breed-determined in Kentucky by the staff there. Some owners who surrender their dogs tell the staff what they think the breed is but the majority are strays and they do not use a DNA test. So that means when we tell you a dog is a certain breed mix it's because that's [...]

A Little Different Than Imagined!2021-11-07T07:13:53-06:00

How to Choose Toys

You'll notice I try and do a lot of my own writing after doing research on different topics. We always felt that our website and our Facebook should not be a place to promote products such as certain foods, kennels, leashes, collars, etc. unless we sell them in our lobby.   For example we love [...]

How to Choose Toys2021-11-02T11:33:37-06:00


When I see these dogs who are waiting, waiting, waiting to go home and be someone's pet I think of Rusty. Rusty was with us for over two years. Let that sink in. Over. Two. Years.   There were times we kind of all despaired of Rusty ever finding a home. He was very active. [...]

ADOPT A LONG-STAY DOG2021-10-31T08:51:37-06:00
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