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My Heart

It's been a tough year in more ways than most of us choose to count. What do you miss most? I miss traveling and concerts and movies with friends, breaking bread together with friends. But you know what I really miss? I miss kindness. People are so stressed and angry and confused. They are grieving [...]

My Heart2020-06-23T06:44:36-06:00

Gardening Buddy

Yesterday Coconut and I took two one-hour walks and then a thirty-minute walk. The poor boy was so tuckered out that all he wanted to do was to find a shade tree, roll around in the grass, and then watch the world go by. Until he smelled what a homeowner said was a dead animal [...]

Gardening Buddy2020-06-22T12:35:53-06:00

Do You Love Me?

The other day I was listening to Fiddler on The Roof, one of my favorite musicals ever. I love the story, the music, the dancing, and the history portrayed in this show about a patriarch trying to do what he feels is best for his five strong-willed daughters amidst the backdrop of life among the [...]

Do You Love Me?2020-06-17T05:58:33-06:00

A Perfect Fit

Good Monday morning! We hope you had a great weekend with our fabulous weather. Perfect for dog walking, hiking, dog parks, patio dining, and more. One family is having the best first week with their new dog and we are thrilled for them. THIS! This is why we do what we do and we are [...]

A Perfect Fit2020-06-15T06:07:43-06:00


Our primary goal as a rescue shelter is to find lifelong loving homes for the homeless companion animals we care for each year. People have the best intentions when they adopt a dog. They truly do believe that it will all go well. And usually, it does. But bringing a dog home can be a [...]


How Hard Could It Be?

After the newlywed phase of my marriage, we decided to try and have a baby. How hard could it be? Birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it. You do what comes naturally and, nine months later, there’s the bundle of joy.   Except it didn’t happen that way. We had to [...]

How Hard Could It Be?2020-06-14T08:57:30-06:00

Who Is That Masked Man?

I never thought about dogs and masks before now and I bet you didn't either. I discovered on a walk that not only does heh not like cigarettes, smart doggy, but Coconut gets very nervous when he sees people wearing masks.   I did a quick search and our friends at the American Kennel Club [...]

Who Is That Masked Man?2020-06-10T07:49:19-06:00

Everything Will Be All Right

One of the things I have missed during lockdown is going to the movies. It’s not that we don’t watch movies, we have Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Firestick so we can pretty much any movie we choose, but I miss being in the dark theater surrounded by the popcorn smell and the anticipation of what [...]

Everything Will Be All Right2020-06-08T12:58:59-06:00

Love Those Hounds!

We love our dogs no matter what their DNA but it sure is fun to learn a bit more. Thank you, Kayla Lewin, for sharing the results and his goofing reaction. He is a truly beautiful pup.   "Good morning! Thought we would share some fun DNA test results on one of your pups that [...]

Love Those Hounds!2020-06-03T06:10:12-06:00

Ready for your doggy pop quiz for the day? When it comes to your dog's nutrition, which of the following is the most important for your dog’s health? Carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, protein, water, minerals, or fat? The way your dog does mind games to get those treats and makes that food disappear in record time [...]