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Your Future Self Will Thank You

Dogs, dogs, dogs! Yep, if you've been considering getting man's best friend to add to your family then this is the time to come to NEW PAWSibilities to choose from one of our thirty-four dogs. We have a great variety of breeds, sizes, and ages and we hope they won't stick around for long.   [...]

Your Future Self Will Thank You2020-02-27T09:17:17-06:00

A Match Made In Heaven

Here's a happily ever after we love. Taco got off to a rough start because he was man-shy. Our volunteers and staff worked with him and then his princess stepped in and found him. Love at first sight! "Hi. I just wanted to send some new pictures of Taco. He is doing great and his [...]

A Match Made In Heaven2020-02-26T08:14:39-06:00

Giving My Heart To A Dog

Growing up we always seemed to have a stray dog hanging around. I have to applaud my mom because despite having eight kids and being a single mom when one of my brothers came home with a dog with no collar or take and said, "Can we keep him?" the answer was always yes. If [...]

Giving My Heart To A Dog2020-02-24T08:18:41-06:00

Gypsy – $150.00 Adoption Fee

Gypsy has $150.00 donated towards her adoption fee which includes spaying, all vaccinations, vet care, microchipping, and great care while she is with us. Gypsy is one of our senior dogs but she presents younger, has no known medical issues, and is a ton of fun. She is outstanding with other dogs, adults, and children. [...]

Gypsy – $150.00 Adoption Fee2020-02-21T11:02:11-06:00

Featured Dogs

Sometimes people are unable to adopt a dog at this time in their life but they are still committed to helping each dog find a forever home. Thanks to generous donations a portion of these dog’s adoption fees have been underwritten to help make it more affordable for someone to adopt them. Each featured dog [...]

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When I Don’t Hear Her Bark Anymore….

One of the things I love about being a writer is that at least half of the people on my personal Facebook page are writers. Most of them write fiction, I write non-fiction only, but it's always an interesting feed no matter who responds. I've also learned that I will cry at least once a [...]

When I Don’t Hear Her Bark Anymore….2020-02-18T16:13:52-06:00