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Perfect For Us

People ask us all the time how they can help to make sure we continue to not just survive but also to thrive. Money. Lots of money always helps. But a simple way that each and every one of you can help is by writing and placing reviews wherever you can. Reviews matter. We get [...]

Perfect For Us2021-01-15T13:44:07-06:00

Cinderella Dog

When I was twenty-four I got my first important job where I had to dress up. Up until that point I'd been a college student and then a teacher in West Africa but this job was as an assistant manager at a retail store. I didn't last long there because I soon learned that assistant [...]

Cinderella Dog2021-01-16T07:40:15-06:00

The Wait Is Worth It

I have a Facebook friend who suffers from anxiety and depression. She was seeing a therapist before the pandemic began but she stopped because she hated doing online appointments. She doesn't live in my state and so there's really nothing I can do it help her. Let's call my friend Alice. That's not her name, [...]

The Wait Is Worth It2021-01-12T10:13:46-06:00

What is an Emotional Support Animal?

New year, old topics. One of the things we love about Facebook and our blog is that we have unlimited space to write about topics of importance for those who own or love dogs. As a new dog owner three years ago I was even more terrified of getting it wrong than I was when [...]

What is an Emotional Support Animal?2021-01-10T10:39:04-06:00

Pumpkin Dog Biscuits

There's no Packers game today so why not spend extra time with your dog and even doing something special for your pooch. Then next week when you're cheering for the team and eating all sorts of yummy food you can give these to your dog. Thank you to one of our Facebook followers for sending [...]

Pumpkin Dog Biscuits2021-01-08T16:08:30-06:00

National Cuddle Day

Today is National Cuddle Day and while the creators of this day likely were thinking about people and not pets we think every day is cuddle day for lots of pets. But not all.   When I envisioned getting a dog I thought I'd have a pooch who would cuddle with me and enjoy my [...]

National Cuddle Day2021-01-06T09:57:03-06:00

Pepper Rose

A friend of mine posted this on her page and it made me wish I could tell Coconut's family how much I appreciate everything they did for him when he was a puppy. We got Coconut when he was fourteen-months old. He could sit, stay, nibble nicely from my hand, and it was obvious he [...]

Pepper Rose2021-01-06T09:50:28-06:00

Perfect Way to Start a New Year

Day three of the new year means our third PAWSitive Ending. I'm thinking everybody is happy in this family! "We adopted Zane(original name kept) just 5 weeks ago. He is fitting in great, we continue to work on his house manners and training." -- Megan McCrory Willems

Perfect Way to Start a New Year2021-01-03T08:13:36-06:00

Leo The Brave Has A Great Gramma

Yeah! The year is starting off with a story from Leo the Brave! "Hi! I'm Leo a husky mix adopted on 11/30/20. Ideally, I am to be trained as Gramma's service dog but two things are holding me back. When I'm off-leash training to come when called (every time) I run the other way. I'm [...]

Leo The Brave Has A Great Gramma2021-01-02T09:00:34-06:00

A Yoop Dog!

Our first PAWSitive Ending of the new year comes from someone who has adopted twice from us, who has volunteered and become a great friend of ours. Leesa Adams adopted Scout and then when she moved to the UP decided to open her heart to another dog since now she was in a house and [...]

A Yoop Dog!2021-01-02T08:47:20-06:00
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