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Shiloh: Sponsored Adoption Fee: $300.00

Shiloh: Shepherd/Mix Sex : Male Age : 1Y / 2W Weight : 43.00 lbs No Placement Restrictions Sponsored Adoption Fee: $300.00 Thank you to a donor who loves Shiloh but can not have another dog at this time his fee is now $300.00. We are so appreciative of those who will do anything they can [...]

Shiloh: Sponsored Adoption Fee: $300.002021-04-12T09:45:19-06:00

Prevention of Lyme Disease Month

April is Prevention of Lyme Disease Month and Lyme disease is considered to be a serious ailment in dogs, so it’s important to do what you can to protect your pet from becoming infected, especially if you enjoy taking your dog for walks or hikes in wooded areas now that the weather is so nice. [...]

Prevention of Lyme Disease Month2021-04-06T07:38:00-06:00

A Puppy Checklist

Adopting a puppy is exciting and filled with joy and fun. And puppies are work. Trust me, more than once you will be wondering why on earth you thought a puppy made sense.   There are pros and cons and so we suggest you make a list and if there are more pros on that [...]

A Puppy Checklist2021-03-29T11:40:48-06:00

Pesticides and What You Need To Know To Protect Your Dog

Today is National Weed Appreciation Day. No, not that weed. We are loving the pops of colors and buds finally starting to show. Walking my dog throughout the neighborhood seeing new growth and discovering flowers and bushes I've never enjoyed before is one of my favorite parts of the spring and summer. Last year was [...]

Pesticides and What You Need To Know To Protect Your Dog2021-03-28T13:07:14-06:00

With a Little Help From My Pooh

Some days there's so much bad news you just need to walk around town with your Pooh.   We have been in this pandemic for over a year and while there is an end in sight it's not next week or even next month. But it's coming.   I for one am so glad I [...]

With a Little Help From My Pooh2021-03-23T08:42:08-06:00

A Special Part of the Family

Another PAWSitive Ending story and we would love to have more. If you want to feature your rescue pooch please email me at carmennewpaws@gmail.com. We love lots of photos, too!   "This is Stewie, formerly Known as Adam. He was with you in May of 2017. He was a puppy and I didn't understand why [...]

A Special Part of the Family2021-03-21T08:28:16-06:00

A Social Butterfly

"I have a PAWSitive Ending to share! I adopted "Ari," now Ollie, back in July and he is less of a dog and more of a social butterfly! He brings so much energy, love and happiness to every person (and animal) he meets. Mr. Ollie loves long runs on the lakefront, watching geese, chasing vacuums, [...]

A Social Butterfly2021-03-19T13:54:15-06:00

A Potty Trained Snuggler!

This is why we do what we do. These PAWSitive Endings make it all worthwhile! "Good morning! I thought you may enjoy a pup-date on Ellie Mae. We have had her two weeks today and she is doing amazingly well. She has shown us she is potty trained and continues to love to snuggle every [...]

A Potty Trained Snuggler!2021-03-19T11:35:52-06:00

A Little Diva

We love PAWSitive Endings and we really love those involving diva dogs.   "I got Missy from you guys almost a year ago and she is doing great. The only problem is her not wanting to be house broken.   She is a spoiled girl that doesn't like being called a princess, she prefers being [...]

A Little Diva2021-03-19T11:06:19-06:00

National Good Samaritan Day

Today is National Good Samaritan Day and that's a day we need to celebrate every day of the year. There's always someone who needs a random act of kindness and that includes dogs.   It's been a tough last year for all of us dealing with the pandemic but that also means there's been less [...]

National Good Samaritan Day2021-03-13T07:41:20-06:00
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