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We get a ton of questions about training, behavior, nutrition, and more. We post answers and reputable links here but also on our Frequently Asked Questions on our website. Please check that resource and also use the search function on the Facebook page.   Today we had a question about getting your dog to stop [...]


“Jenkel Boys Pumpkins”

In 2016 the Jenkel family adopted a dog they named Jenks. But the story didn't end there. So here we are, almost six years later, and look what her boys who walk on two legs did yesterday.   We are incredibly grateful that these boys raised enough money to spay or neuter three dogs who [...]

“Jenkel Boys Pumpkins”2021-10-16T08:40:03-06:00


Now this is a beautiful boy and we now know exactly what he is. Midnight is the perfect name for this guy. All that plus a PAWSitive Ending! We love it. It sounds like this family is doing so much right and that Midnight will be a much-loved family member for many, many years.   [...]


1455 Days. And counting.

Maybe it's just me, but the shorter days and colder weather make me sad. Well, maybe not sad, but less happy and joyful. The darkness in any given year is difficult, but as we continue in pandemic mode with all of the losses we've collectively experienced it's really hard.   I don't know how I [...]

1455 Days. And counting.2021-10-11T09:35:42-06:00

Golden Girl

Another PAWSitive Ending story! We love them so much. And isn't she a gorgeous girl?   We adopted Clover, now Ellie May, on May 2, 2016 after she birthed and weaned a litter of 8 puppies while at New PAWSibilities. Ellie’s a Golden Retriever/Great Pyrenees mix, and she has the best of both breeds-loving, playful, [...]

Golden Girl2021-10-12T08:12:39-06:00

The Greatness of Dogs

People ask me if we'll ever run out of dogs. Short answer? No. As long as people don't spay or neuter or use tags or mircochips, as long as people are selfish, as long as life happens, then the answer is we will never run out of dogs.   Some dogs get lost and don't [...]

The Greatness of Dogs2021-10-03T11:43:12-06:00

The Best Friend and Biggest Fan!

Is this the cutest baby ever? Love these PAWSitive Endings.   "I just recently found your page here on Facebook and I just have to reach out to you guys. This December will be three years since adopting this girl from you.   She was adopted as “Bonnie” but renamed to Beretta. She is my [...]

The Best Friend and Biggest Fan!2021-10-03T09:51:09-06:00

Training: The Best Thing You Can Do For You And Your Dog

We have had a lot of adoptions over the last few weeks which is really exciting to see. Whether your new dog is a puppy or a senior or something in between training is needed. Like humans, dogs go through different stages and training is what will help them become the dog you always wanted. [...]

Training: The Best Thing You Can Do For You And Your Dog2021-09-26T09:38:10-06:00

Stop Digging!

I was walking my dog yesterday and he decided to go and sniff in a yard I had never been on. It's not that far from home, he just never seemed interested. And he decided to keep walking longer than the leash allowed so of course I followed. And stumbled into a hole. I caught [...]

Stop Digging!2021-09-24T06:33:20-06:00
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