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And She Loves Cats, Too!

Another PAWSitive Ending! And she even loves cats! Congratulations to you and thank you for adopting Raven. "I just have to share with y’all how much I love our Raven (formerly Rain)! Thank y’all so much for sharing her with us and we always enjoy our weekend boardings by you, as well!! She loves her [...]

And She Loves Cats, Too!2019-10-11T12:34:59-06:00

National Love People Day

Today is National Love People Day aka Coconut Day. For those who don't know that my dog's name is Coconut that might not make sense. But once you figure out that piece of the puzzle it all makes sense. If you have ever owned a dog you know that they have the capacity for the [...]

National Love People Day2019-09-30T08:13:02-06:00

The Law of Three

Tomorrow is our first-ever Coldwell Banker Adopt-a-Pet Event at the Oshkosh office on Omro Road. We have over twenty volunteers coming to help and we are so grateful to everyone who is donating a part of their Saturday to help us walk dogs, manage puppies and children together, clean up the inevitable accidents, and answer [...]

The Law of Three2019-09-27T09:37:34-06:00

Ohana Means Family

We love PAWSitive Endings and we are always thrilled to report how awesome our dogs are doing. Today's report comes from Emily Grace. Gotta say, being from Hawaii I love the name Ohana though I've never seen the Lilo and Stitch movie. "I adopted ‘Buddy’ – his name is now Ohana. I just thought it [...]

Ohana Means Family2019-09-24T09:31:58-06:00

Rule of Three

Yesterday was National Family Day and we obviously are into adding to everyone's family. A member of our community shared a nifty infographic that every new dog or puppy owner needs to remember. In screenwriting and even in sales we call it the power of three and it's the same with integrating a pet into [...]

Rule of Three2019-09-24T06:28:19-06:00

When Everything Seems Wrong

The other day I took a day off. Anyone who knows me knows that I might be a teensy bit type A personality. I feel like every dog who does not find a home is my fault. What else could I have done? If I don't do everything who will? Some of you are like [...]

When Everything Seems Wrong2019-09-21T07:42:42-06:00

When To Call Your Vet

Last month Gary’s mom came to visit us from Florida. She is a lovely person who Coconut decided was family and he loved being with her even though she said she is not an animal person. Give her time. I was like that. When people come to visit schedules go out the window. For Coconut [...]

When To Call Your Vet2019-09-21T08:12:34-06:00

Love Is Just a Wag Away

Many years ago in another life, I owned a marketing friend. Logo creation was a huge deal because in a small number of words, often none, in fact, you need to somehow let the world know in seconds who you are, what you are selling or a service you provide. Colors, shapes, and more go [...]

Love Is Just a Wag Away2019-10-07T21:25:33-06:00

Avocados and Dogs

Today is National Guacamole Day and I'm totally excited about that. I never ate avocados, in fact, I would throw a teeny little fit if the server forgot my request for no avocados and I had to move them to the side of the plate. After my car wreck, I could not get enough of [...]

Avocados and Dogs2019-09-16T07:21:36-06:00

All I Have To Do Is To Listen

My friend went back to Seattle yesterday after three packed days of visiting me. We talked and told old stories and mentally revisited Hawaii together. As we drove around the murky lake we talked about her love of surfing and how she misses having a place to surf right outside her front door. The endless [...]

All I Have To Do Is To Listen2019-09-15T07:51:26-06:00