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A Dog Can Fix Anything

When my sons were younger they had a favorite book. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. For those of you who have never read it, and I still can't believe people have not read it over 1,000 times as I have, it's the story of a little boy named Alexander. This [...]

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I’m Still Here, Waiting.

Each day, well, if the truth is told, several times a day, I look to see what dog has found a home. Today sweet little Ryan the Terrier/Mix puppy found a home. Last week Lynx, who had been with us for several months, went home! When I check the site and see that the top [...]

I’m Still Here, Waiting.2019-06-10T11:53:54-06:00

Preparation Is The Key

The other day at the Depawsitory we had a young man convinced that the Terrier/Mix runt of the litter was going home with him. There was an immediate connection and you’ve never seen someone so happy. Application approved! But then it happened. That afternoon he slumped in, a totally different man from the morning, the [...]

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But He’s Mine!

“But he’s so cute,” the dark-haired little girl cried as her mother took the runt of the litter from her. “Dad said we could get a puppy. I want this puppy. She’s so soft.” Yesterday we had our first Adoption Day at the DePawsitory in Appleton. What a fantastic day and a super location. One [...]

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Loving His Big Brother

PAWSitive Endings are the entire reason we do what we do. Rescuing dogs is pretty cool but we could never do it unless we had homes and that's where you come in. We absolutely love when people come and visit and fall in love with their perfect dog and getting updates makes our day. "I [...]

Loving His Big Brother2019-06-06T07:25:09-06:00

Run Like The Wind

We have been waiting for what seems like forever for those longer days and lovely weather so that we can enjoy more time outside with our dogs. Everything is always better when you have your furry four-legged friend beside you. I’m the long walks around the block or downtown, maximum thirty-minutes at a time kind [...]

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Baby, It’s Hot Outside!

Leaving your dog in a car for “just a minute” can harm or even kill them. People are convinced losing a pet to heatstroke could never happen to them so they load the car with one or more dogs to run a series of errands that turn into multiple minutes or a half hour or [...]

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Cheese, Glorious Cheese!

Today is the Holy Grail of all National Days here in Wisconsin. Yes, it's that time again. National Cheese Day! Here in Wisconsin, we are known for our award-winning cheese. For goodness sakes, our football team looks up into the stands and sees cheeseheads every game. So, yes, we love our cheese here in Wisconsin. [...]

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Brewer The Wonder Dog

Ally sent this from an Instagram submission. We love PAWSitive Endings and this is the first one we've gotten through Instagram. You're going to love this story. Keep 'em coming! “These are some pictures of my dog, Brewer (you named him Tanner). Your rescue brought him from Kentucky with his brother, Choco. They are hound [...]

Brewer The Wonder Dog2019-06-03T07:30:48-06:00