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It's freezing outside, it's going to snow tomorrow, what's to be happy about? A new PAWSitive Ending!   Thank you to Rachelle Lebrun we have a wonderful update on Jazzy. We thought about editing the health part of her update but then we realized everyone needs to know that, just like in humans, simple medical [...]


Feliz Naughty Dog

These are two true stories. I’ve had a few incidents as Coconut’s mom but nothing as bad as these.   The first one happened this week and the second many years ago. We have some adorable puppies ready to be adopted and we hope they will be home before the Packers’ game on Sunday. We [...]

Feliz Naughty Dog2019-12-08T08:15:21-06:00

Are These Shoes For Me?

Who Loves Shoes?   Years ago in an upscale area of Oahu called Kahala, a family threw a party at their mansion. The guest list was a veritable who’s who of the island elite, all dressed to the nines including incredibly expensive shoes. The shoe part matters.   In Hawaii, it’s the norm to take [...]

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Sponsored Dog — Zoey!

Thanks to a generous donor Zoey has $100.00 of her adoption fee paid! We appreciate this family who can not adopt another dog but who wants to make sure Zoey has a wonderful new home.   Zoey is a three-year-old Terrier/Mix who would love to go home before Christmas. Just look at that tail wag [...]

Sponsored Dog — Zoey!2019-12-06T16:49:47-06:00

There Are Always Dogs

People seem shocked that this incident at Oshkosh West happened at all. I'm not. This can happen anywhere in the world these days. If not a knife, a gun, if not a gun, a vicious fight. if not a fight running someone over with a car. There are far too many ways to do damage. [...]

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Mother and Daughter Adoption Update

I remember this day and I remember Chelsea's post. I remember thinking that she was so adorable of course she adopted one of the cutest dogs ever. But what I didn't know is that her mom adopted a dog from the same litter. Now, this is a wonderful PAWSitive Endings story. These two Mini Pinschers [...]

Mother and Daughter Adoption Update2019-12-03T15:02:22-06:00

Hi is a Simple Way to Change Lives

I used to be that person who saw a dog and walked across the street to avoid him. If I went to a gathering and there was a dog I'd move to a different room even if it meant not being with the people I had come to see.   I did not hate dogs. [...]

Hi is a Simple Way to Change Lives2019-12-02T08:43:16-06:00

Mutts Are Us

If you feel like we’ve had this discussion this year your memory is good. On July 31st we celebrated National Mutt Day and we’re doing it again today. That’s right, we love mutts do much that December 2nd is also National Mutt Day.    Last month we completed the DNA contest and that gave us [...]

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Black Dog, Happy Life!

And what a great day for a PAWSitive Ending story. Black Friday! Stormy is the perfect dog for this perfect black dog. "We adopted Dipsy in October...Dipsy now known as Stormy loves his new brother. Here a few pictures of them hanging out together. Thank you!" ---- Mandy Meyer  

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