Who Loves Shoes?
Years ago in an upscale area of Oahu called Kahala, a family threw a party at their mansion. The guest list was a veritable who’s who of the island elite, all dressed to the nines including incredibly expensive shoes. The shoe part matters.
In Hawaii, it’s the norm to take off your shoes before entering a person’s home. That evening the shoes were left outside instead of in a foyer or something. From all reports, it was a grand party filled with food, drink, and lots of conversation. Everyone was delighted until they started leaving to step into those aforementioned shoes to either walk home or back to their cars.
Guests did a double-take as they walked out because a large portion of the shoes was gone. We’re not talking rubber slippers but expensive leather shoes like those red bottom ones. According to the police report there over two dozen missing pairs of shoes. Yes, the police were called.
After questioning the guests and the hosts the patrolman began doing a neighborhood canvas to ask if anyone had seen any suspicious activity that evening at or near the home in question.
Just a few doors down the owners listened with mounting horror as they realized that they knew the identity of “the thief.” Turns out that their new puppy found a breach in the fence and kept going out the doggy door, through the fence, down the street, and back home with a shoe. Well, lots of shoes.
The family confessed and the officer could barely contain the laughter as his eyes came to rest on a pile of slobbered and chewed shoes.
A police report was filed and an insurance claim made. Yes, the insurance paid them minus the $1,000 deductible.
Puppies are fun and will give you years and years of love and happy lives. But training and boundaries will ensure that you have a good relationship with your neighbors and no insurance claims. And good fences, too.