Another great PAWSitive Ending. We can’t get enough of these happy stories and pictures. We love the shout out to our staff who take such great care to make the best match possible.

“My husband, Tyler, and I adopted Atlas (formerly Ozzy) March 27th, 2019. Here are a ton of photos if needed! Atlas is wonderful!
We got him as a companion for our Australian Cattle Dog Mix, Odin. We needed a dog that would be young enough to enjoy playing with Odin (Odin was 9 months old when we got Atlas) and preferably someone that would snuggle.

Atlas didn’t know how to catch a ball and didn’t play with a toy for weeks when we got him. He is so smart and has learned so many tricks to add the ones he already knew. He has been such a wonderful addition to our family!

I also forgot to mention that we decided to go with Atlas from advice from a nice man who showed us Atlas the first time. I was looking at a female husky and he advised that Atlas may be a better match for Odin and our lifestyle.

My husband and I actually received a compliment the other day because our dogs are so in tune with each other. They are different ages and different breeds but because they are both herding dogs they have similar play styles and energy. Thanks to you he was a perfect match for Odin and our family!” — Corinne Mussatti