We love getting updates and photos! Lucy Liu (formerly Christine) was adopted by Fred and Jodi Potratz in December. The Kentucky shelter labeled her a Hound/Retriever Mix. So Lucy settled in, Fred and Jodi fell in love, but they were still curious about the exact DNA of their new pooch.

“I bought my test on Amazon,” shares Jodi. “Her results say that she is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and a Doberman Pinscher and think I do think it is pretty accurate.”

Once your new dog settles in, or even that very first moment when you look her in the eyes, you fall in love and her genetic past fails to matter as anything more than an interesting piece of trivia.

“We just love her to pieces. She is our true fur baby. Thank you for giving her to us. She keeps us grounded and relaxed.” — Fred and Jodi Potratz

And here is how she sleeps. One, two, three. Aaaah!