We love seeing the different breed mixes of our Kentucky dogs. As I was copying the DNA story and photos I came across this from last year and thought how cool to post it. What a happy family!
“Opal is celebrating her 2nd Birthday today! Thank you to you all for letting us be her family! Opal came to us and we had a 3-year-old and a baby on the way. She is celebrating her 2nd Birthday with an almost 5-year-old, a 15-month-old, and another baby sister on the way! She’s the best family dog and so great with the kids! She’s spunky and sassy and loves to forage for any leftover food 🤣 but she has been a wonderful addition the last year and a half!”
And look at this cool DNA Mix.
“I wanted to share with you! Opal was adopted by us just over 2 1/2 years ago, she got a DNA test for Christmas this year! I know she was a litter of puppies and there was an Oscar, Omar, and Opal… I thought one more but can’t remember. I just thought it was neat to see where she comes from! We adopted her under the general “boxer mix” breed, which appears to be pretty darn accurate! She will celebrate her 3rd Birthday on Feb 26th!!” — Megan Salentine