The thing about the Internet and Facebook, in particular, is that you find all these great quotes and sentiments without attribution. As an author, I hate when my words or taken by someone and used out of context on their page or, worse yet, in their own piece of published writing. I try hard to find the original source before I use it. Some days like today I can’t but it’s too good to pass up.

And one day, just like that…

You’ll re-discover your light.

You’ll embrace your inner warrior.

You’ll snatch your power back.

 And the whole game will change.

It’s been a tough winter. Not just the cold, I expected that. Not just the snow because I knew in Wisconsin there would be snow. But the relentless combination of those two without a break for weeks moving into months made this a particularly hard winter. And let’s not forget the gloom.

I moved here from the land of sun and beauty, frequent cleansing showers that cleared the air and heightened the aroma of the ever-present floral perfume. And for the last five months, there has been gloom. And Oshkosh is not known for its lovely smell.

The first year we moved here everyone said, “This is not a normal spring or summer. It’s never this rainy.” The next year we didn’t seem to have a spring at all. Then came the bumper crop of lake flies, gnats, and, even worse than those in Africa when I lived there, mosquitoes on steroids. “This isn’t a normal summer and fall,” everyone assured me. “We get at least six wonderful months and you’ll love living here.”

And now we are near the end of what everyone says is the worst winter in twenty years. I wonder if finally, I’ll see the six wonderful Wisconsin months or will I finally admit that I made a huge weather mistake by moving here?

Some people like to live their lives waiting for the negative that is bound to happen. As if they choose to live in the worst of the Wisconsin weather, the polar vortex or record-breaking snow, or covered in lake flies and gnats. I choose to live my life as if every day something new and positive and wonderful is going to happen; a sliver of light breaking through the grey clouds and growing larger until you can see that one day there really will be lovely days.

When we left Hawaii I never I’d never be without pain again. I was right. There isn’t one day I haven’t had a headache since June 2015. But that doesn’t have to define me. I knew that I could be happy again, at least I hoped that was true.

And then it happened.

And one day, just like that…I walked into NEW PAWSibilities and this little brown dog walked into my heart.

 I re-discovered my light.

I embraced my inner warrior.

I snatched my power back.

 And the whole game changed.

Dogs can do that. I think all of us are ready for spring, a real spring that lasts longer than a week or so. We are hopeful that this summer and fall will be the ones talked about in glowing terms, the ones we have been promised.

I’m never going to guarantee you that your life will be perfect once you adopt a dog. I can actually tell you without hesitation that the problems you have right now, the financial, relational, and political problems, will not change. They might even get worse. What will change is your attitude.

Your new dog will help you re-discover your light, embrace your inner warrior, snatch back your power, and the whole game will change. If you let it. Dogs can do that.