We love pictures and stories! One thing that surprised me in was how far people drive to find their perfect pooch. Ripon isn’t that far but we still appreciate coming to Oshkosh to find Apple. We’ve had people drive here from MN, IL, MI and more. Facebook and pet adoption referral sites are making a huge difference as are all of you. Winnie is a great dog and lucky to have such a wonderful family.


Last year around this time, we came in to look for a new member of our family. We were introduced to Winnie, who we now call Apple, and instantly fell in love. She has such a sunny, sweet disposition and has so much love to give. She has been such a joy and makes our day time and time again on a regular basis.

We are so grateful to have found her through NEW PAWSibilities and would like to thank your organization for all you do to help animals in need.

Kind regards, Alana & Alec Ripon, WI”