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Amy (Vondracek) Griesbach

Amy (Vondracek) Griesbach was many things, but to us she was a best friend. Sadly, we lost Amy on January 1, 2012, which left a huge void in many people’s lives. Her family gave us a gift that was more than we could have ever asked for. They asked that all donations to Amy’s memorial be sent to us at NEW PAWSibilities. Because of their tremendous generosity we were able to save several dogs our first month and really get started on the right foot. To honor Amy and the phenomenal person she was we have decided to dedicate our indoor play area in her memory. Amy loved all animals and loved watching them have fun and be silly, so we thought what better room to dedicate to her than the room where the animals have the most fun. We know Amy is watching over us and it gives us great comfort to know we have such a wonderful person as our guardian angel. Amy’s parents, Bob and Cathy, her husband Brian, and his parents, Dave and Char, have helped us tremendously by volunteering many hours of time. They have helped us construct a new indoor play area and have fixed and updated many items in the shelter. We cannot express how grateful we are for everything Amy and her family has done for us. We love and miss you Amy!