Our first PAWSitive Ending of the new year comes from someone who has adopted twice from us, who has volunteered and become a great friend of ours. Leesa Adams adopted Scout and then when she moved to the UP decided to open her heart to another dog since now she was in a house and not a smaller space. Room to run and play. We are so happy that it’s working out. I have a feeling we’ll get more updates. Scout loves him too and that’s a good thing.
“Tuck doesn’t seem like a dog to me. He’s so over the top cuddly and loving. He snuggles more like a human than a dog. It’s very strange and cool at the same time. He’s stealing my heart. He really loves the snow! I can’t believe he’s from Kentucky.
He literally just steals my heart a little more every day. Even when I have to drive 25 miles to launder the bedding he accidentally had an accident on. I took him down by the Menominee River/Interstate Bridge/train tracks for some R&R after the laundromat. He was SUCH a good traveler. I was so proud to be his human today.” — Leesa Adams