Today is National Personal Trainer Awareness Day and, after the holidays, we are all likely looking at losing those few extra pounds we gained. And the ones we didn’t lose before the holiday season started.
Personal trainers are expensive, they require you to drive to the gym, and they don’t give you kisses and love. Well, not usually anyway.
Rather than shelling out money why not get a dog? There are so many benefits to walking and walking with your dog is even better.
Studies have shown that a thirty-minute walk three times per day can reduce blood pressure, increase energy, and give you an improved sense of well-being. You want to hear something really great about this walking thing? Those same ninety-minutes of walking each week can help decrease your weight by five percent. Of course, what you eat matters, and going to the gym allows you to exercise different parts of your body, but simple walking is quite the underrated exercise when there are so many other benefits.
1. It’s free! Isn’t that a great word? Christmas credit cards bills are starting to flood the mailbox. Why not try a free form of exercise and have fun with your dog at the same time?
2. You don’t need to wear anything fancy. I’ll admit it. I look like a bag woman when I do the first-morning walk of the day. Now that it’s cold outside I keep my warm robe on, throw on a coat and a hat, and off we go. My dog doesn’t care, there aren’t many people out in the morning, and it saves me from coming back and changing into my warm robe since I work out of my house and it’s the warmest thing I own. A house built in 1875 sure sounded like a good idea. It’s also impossible to keep warm.
3. Walking with your dog bonds you like nothing else. Since I work from home it’s easy for me to sit for hours at the computer while Coconut lounges on his office bed. Yes, he has many, many beds. While he enjoys being near me it’s not interactive like walking. During our walks, we talk and laugh and explore. Walking gives us important opportunities for leash training and how to approach people. The added advantage of walking is that I feel safe anytime day or night because everyone loves this social animal.
4. You get to meet some pretty cool people. There are so many trails and other fun places to walk. I’ve met some nice people I would never have met had it not been for my dog. They are people magnets and people love to stop and talk when I’m with my dog. Moving is hard. Trying to build relationships when you are new is even more difficult and my dog has made things go much more quickly in this area. And I have gone places I never would have had it not been for the need to give him new places to explore and smell.
5. A tired dog is a good dog. When we first brought Coconut home he was a little mischief maker. Part of that was because it was a new place and he was testing the boundaries. Going for walks and allowing him to socialize and exercise made for improved behavior.
6. Decreases Loneliness. Quality time walking with my doing helps me feel energized and not so alone. No matter how bad things seem because of something going on in my life walking with Coconut makes, at least for the time we’re out, everything much better. Having a dog
A National Institute of Health study has shown that dogs reduce loneliness and depression, force us to socialize, give us a sense of purpose, lower our stress and anxiety levels, increase our productivity, and force us to exercise. If you don’t have a dog why not start your new year off by adopting one of our great walking buddies.
We’re back to our regular hours Monday through Friday 7:00 – 6:00, Saturday 8:00 – 5:00, and Sunday 9:00 – 4:00. Whether you are looking for a runner, a dog for a quick walk around the block, or something in between your dog is waiting for you.